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The Catholic Church teaches that the Truth is a Person, Jesus Christ who taught “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” We cannot serve the Church without serving Christ also. We must tell the truth and defend it even in moments like this when those ruling mankind tell us that there is no truth, that truth is relative, a construct of the human mind, an dangerous illusion. This is indeed a dark hour.

Yet God has brought us to this hour to serve mankind in the same way our early Christian brethren did. We must let the world know that the abundant life is there for those who accept the challenge of living in the grace of God. We the faithful must make an effort to self-evangelize and to evangelize others, but most of all we must cultivate the will to deliver the message of the Gospel to a world set in the path of self destruction. This is no ordinary time.

Millions of souls can be saved or lost.

As you read through this manual, focus your mind and try to understand how the Blessed Mother was the first ray of light shining in the darkness of those ancient times. Pray for the grace to receive her light, and to be like her, a messenger of life and grace, delivering the good news of Our Lord Jesus to a dying world.

Nihil Obstat & Imprimatur.