Carlos Caso-Rosendi

I know many of you will be busy preparing for Christmas so I would like to “tweet” something about it. The whole idea of celebrating Christ-Mass was for us to be educated in the school of the angel, like the shepherds did. Instead of surprising the little ones with the presents, leave baby Jesus hidden until midnight and put it there so the kids can see Him in the morning. The presents can be in some other room, a closet, or you can bring them yourself. Gather them and tell them the story of St. Nicholas –you can Google it or find it in your Lives of the Saints book- if you don’t have one please go and buy it. Leave it around for the kids to read. Doing that will do a lot towards deleting the old jelly-belly red fool whose name is an acronym of the devil’s name. That old creepy father of the entitlement attitude must be unmasked for Catholic kids. No more Ho, Ho, Ho. That’s a bad word and I don’t care if it is the oldest profession.

Baby Jesus is The Gift of God to mankind. One can tell the little ones the night before how long we had to wait for Him to come, the promise made to Eve, and Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, David and then to Mary that glorious morning of the Annunciation. You can tell them that their wait to see the presents is a scale model of the wait of mankind for our Lord and Savior. Have them say a Hail Mary before they open the presents as a little sacrifice of patience to the Lord. In the words of a song I used to hear in the 1960′s: “Teach your children well…” You are the first and perhaps the only real teacher they will ever have.

May you all, believers and unbelievers, have the holiest, merriest, most blessed Christmas ever.

Published 22 December 2013.