I tried to leave a comment after David Warren’s article but I am not sure if I succeeded. Great piece, David! And I like Parkdale already. I think Villa Urquiza my neighborhood in Buenos Aires is much like Parkdale! Since I could not leave my comment at The Catholic Thing I am writing it here, with the usual typos (at no extra charge!) and I am sharing it with my e-friends.

I have been rich and I have been poor and I like poor much better. There was a time when I worried if my checking account was below $30,000. Now I see $300 there and boy I feel flush in a way that $300,000 didn’t do before! You see, I converted to the Catholic Faith and —silly me— I wrote about my experience and even appeared in Catholic radio and TV. That affected my business and one by one my clients and then my prospective employers dropped me from their Rolodex. Ever since then my life got to be much more interesting. I have time now, precious hours that I used to spend doing time-consuming things like eating properly. My friends have changed and they are getting more and more interesting.

Gone are the days of those individuals whom I saw at parties and meetings just to hear from them that they have bought a bigger boat, that one kid was in Villanova and the other at Notre Dame, trophy wife in one hand and an old-fashion on the other. Now I meet musicians, mothers, fathers, little sweet kids that ask the most interesting questions, old writers … people that can really say they pass through this life and tasted it instead of collecting things to stuff the graves they call “home” and yet it is anything but.

A few days ago we celebrated Our Lady of Guadalupe, the richest more powerful Lady in the Universe who decided to come to a hill in Mexico disguised as a brown-skinned young girl, to talk to a poor man who had nothing to protect him from the winter cold but a poncho made of grass. In a few more days we will celebrate the birth of Our Lord, the richest of them all, the happy millionaire from Heaven who decided to become a Jew to die on the Cross and bestow the blessings of eternal life on those who believe in Him… for nothing, zero, zilch, gratis. All the eternal life you want and that will not set you back a penny. He decided to be poor, to live poor, to die poor among the poorest. Every time I think of that I am reminded that I am in good company. By the way… What would be the value of a dollar if tomorrow we all learn that we are going to live forever? Think of that.

Published 14 December 2013.