The U.S. government published the latest unemployment statistics today. Unrevised figures indicate a very high number of workers were laid off for the first time. That is the latest in a series of reports clearly showing that the “stimulus” is not helping the American working class with the same effectiveness it helped banks and Wall Street firms.

The relentless march towards Socialism initiated in the days before the Great Depression is about to reach its goal of total control of the American economic system and government. For many it is no surprise to find stagnation and poverty are becoming permanent. The myriad of government agencies created by Democratic and Republican administrations are chocking public and business alike with paralyzing regulations. Just like in the old Soviet Union if you want to work and prosper you have to do business with government or let government tell you how to do business while taxing you for the “help”.

No amount of facts can convince the Socialist technocrat that the system is ineffective. We declared the war on poverty and now we have more poverty than we had before. We declare the war on drugs and the number of drug addicts and users grows daily unabated by the number of administrations, regulations, and laws passed to address the problem. But there are some good news. The Instrumentality or Ruling Class, the American nomenklatura has also declared the war on prosperity. Judging by the results of previous wars I can almost assure you that somehow prosperity shall increase in the years to come.

No one knows how it will happen but I can’t wait for the moment when I shall see the President of the United States on all the television screens repeating the words of Mikhail Gorbachev: “We simply can’t continue living this way.”