discovered a new article by Christopher Manion in The Bellarmine Forum, a very readable website. He analyzes the latest Rolling Stone article on Pope Francis with his characteristic intelligence and incisive style.

One the phrases found there: “Rock of Peter doesn’t roll” it’s a classic! The article made me think that 1968 marks the point in time when the Democratic Party abandoned the American worker and became the Coalition of the Weird. It is also the time when rock ‘n ‘roll lost its innocence. The split between pop & rock ensued and the later became more obscene and even less artful. Pope Francis is from the generation that reached adulthood before 1968. They are trying hard to make him look or sound progressive but he is definitely not.

If I am reading him right he chose the name Francis because he understands that the Church has to be rebuild after the V2 hit that left her in shambles. Previous popes have worked hard to correct the course but Francis is bent on a total rebuild. He knows corruption. He knows the hijacking of high causes by those hungry for power. But most of all he knows that if he succeeds in steering the Church into a course of rebuilding, the world will follow suit. Look around: we are all tired of the left and the right that never finish solving anything. Francis is neither left nor right, he represents the perfect center in Christ.

Here in my blog I had to defend him often when he is mistranslated, quoted out of context, and so on… He is learning fast and he is moving silently, surely sorting all kinds of perils to achieve his mission which is Christ’s mission. Clever as a serpent and innocent as a dove. Suaviter in modo, fortiter in re. The Church will be changed forever by the time he is called to his Lord and ours.

Published 21 February 2014.