Carlos Caso-Rosendi

We hear the laments of the very concerned for the recent Russian intervention in Ukraine. Somehow we are supposed to worry for the political stability of this world order as the extent of our citizenship continues to fade away and it is currently approaching zero. I will be chastised by the cognoscentieven when I care not one bit about their opinion but I still ask why should Putin, and a possible realignment of the power structures in Europe’s backyard disgust me? There are few things that disgust me more than the lousy European bureaucracy so busy measuring the length of dogs. I don’t give a rodent’s behind for that hideous strength borne of Nietzsche’s bad dreams, always ready to impose their last fashionable thoughts on the rest of us barbarians who don’t happen to be Euro-Socialists. I do not want to live in the nightmarish, vulgar world where those who are lucky enough not to be killed in the womb will soon have their days counted by some Brussels pencil-pusher who will decide the hour of their death. I don’t care to see their future, the wind blowing on the empty streets of a continent where once Christendom’s zeal built Western Civilization out of the ruins of the Roman Empire.

Is Putin worse than the decadence we have seen descending on Europe like a mantle of desolation? If a tyrant has to come — and I am not assuming that Putin deserves to be called a tyrant more than Jefferson or Adams could have been called tyrants — is it not true that oppressive regimes are sometimes essential to the genesis of a vibrant, spiritually vigorous resistance? Are not tyrants sometimes blessings in disguise when they set on fire the souls of the oppressed igniting the noble conflagrations that send the human spirit soaring to new heights?

The history of man is filled with glorious and happy revolts against the tyrants of the day. Mankind sometimes is like a field untilled that calls for the plow to break it so something may grow again after the soil has had some rest. That soil will caress again the hands of the farmer and yet be the firm ground where he can walk on among green sprouts, the fruit of his labor.

Do I have to like Putin less than Lady Gaga? The former has set limits to the sodomite’s propaganda in his own land. Do I have to be more scared of him than of our own inventors of new rights that dissolve populations and spread vice and sickness corrupting our youth from the cradle?

It’s been about a century since Our Lady of Fatima announced the double role that Russia would play in the last days of the world. First Russia would be a generator of errors that would cover the world. Our Blessed Mother was hardly finished uttering that prophecy when the Bolsheviks climbed to power reaching far into Europe in less than a generation and winning the hearts and minds of most of the world’s population with their bitter creed and the bloody liturgies of their oppressive anti-Gospel.

The final wave of that worldwide tide reached the White House and managed to elect a “leader of the free world” the child-president who was awarded an undeserved Nobel Prize on the spot as he promised to lower the level of the world’s oceans like if he really was some sort of Greek demigod of the sea waters. The consequence of his proven hesitant incompetence has now awakened the old wolf of the steppes and the beast has smelled his weakness. Whether we like it or not Putin is not a politically correct pushover like his American and European peers. This is dangerous and it may be deadly dangerous if Putin does not resist the impulse planted in him since his early days as a citizen and soldier of the Soviet Union. Let us pray that he will not take full advantage of the opportunity presented to him by the West, a tired civilization debilitated by vice mounted on the military complex like the whore of Babylon drunk with the blood of the saints.

The second and almost incomprehensible role of Russia in the messages of Fatima would be to convert and aid in the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I think the fears of a resurgence of Communism in Russia are unfounded. Putin is a cold, pragmatic man who calculates every move and only moves when he is going to profit from his actions. He knows well that Communism is a spent ideology dead long ago. What he wants — in case someone did not notice it yet — is to return to Russia her status as a superpower. He will do what it takes to get there and he is doing all the right moves.

As a former Soviet chief of espionage he is naturally a keen observer who studies his rivals carefully. He had enough time to study his “democratic” adversaries. He has listed the things that are causing the decline of the once dominant West: taxation out of control; regulatory rules that are endlessly strangling production; markets struggling under the oppressive weight of the state; political systems hijacked by corrupt politicians who use the populace to reach the halls of power and then live in scandalous luxury at the expense of the public treasury; bureaucracies always hungry for a bigger piece of the national budgets; and the wanton destruction of morals and religion.

In his own turf Putin has been very wise: low flat taxes; laissez-faire regulations that unleash positive productive forces; reserving for the state the strategic parts of the economy that allow the Russian state to prosper without being an excessive burden on the citizenry. Putin learned that lesson well observing how Communism squandered the riches of his country by assigning managers whose major specialty was to suck up to the Politburo. He did not repeat that mistake. He carefully assigned capable administrators whose effectiveness is measured in profits. That has allowed him to concentrate in perfecting and applying the control mechanisms of the state. With patience and cold efficiency he has managed to place Russia in the path to economic growth. While the Ukraine was bleeding money and the West engaged in a prolonged era of navel watching, Russia has been converted into something new. There is a new economy, a new state, and a new moral and religious outlook. Ukraine needs help. I am sure they are not going to like this: their help is not going to come from the indebted United States or the struggling Central European Bank (a.k.a. das Bundesbank.) Ukraine will have to learn to live with Russia again. Europe is trying to fly its own lead balloon, and the U.S. is still quite busy in its own dangerous orgy of drugs and perversion while the cook is at the helm. The Ukraine will fall like a ripe fruit in Vladimir Putin’s hands. It is just a matter of time. Last year Russia was getting ready for this but the West will be waking up with a hangover in one or two years and it will be too late by then.

The ascent of Putin began — he may not even know this — on 8 November 2008 when voting Americans decided to elect a frivolous man still under the spell of a philosophy born in the 19th century who also holds some Islamic sympathies. If this ends in war, and civilization is erased from the face of the earth, let us not forget that the process was set in motion by irresponsible elements in the American electorate.

Many years ago, when I was a newcomer in the United States, I heard a rather triumphalist comment from a friend while we both watched television. The newscasts were showing a defiant Boris Yeltsin climbing to a tank and waving a flag with the imperial Russian colors. Back then I said something to my friend that now sounds almost prophetic: “Russians don’t play baseball, they play chess. Save your hurrah’s for the second half of the ninth inning.” I thought then that the old adversaries were playing dead because they had no other alternative after the monumental failure of their system of government. Well, now Russia is awakening again. She is putting brain and muscle to good use. She is aware of the weaknesses of her traditional rivals and they are coming back to claim their old turf while on this side we are busy taking care of our own feelings. “Leading from behind” may end up costing us our behinds.

Whoever thought of this, one has to admit is a genius’ gambit: first they sold the West their failed ideas and now that those ideas are bearing their fruit of confusion and disorder, they themselves adopt the old disciplines of the West and convert to order and faith while sharpening the sword for the final cut. The world is finally fully turned around and who can stand firm?

Published 03 March 2014.