Carlos Caso-Rosendi

Recently I read  Je ne suis pas Charlie an excellent article by David Warren published by The Catholic Thing. If you read it and then proceed to read the comments you will notice a series of very interesting notes, some agreeing, some disagreeing with Mr Warren. Just a few days after the piece was published I noticed a commenter, who seems to be some kind of Catholic religious, nicknamed QuisUtDeusMPC. By reading his lengthy defecation one can easily see he really believes to be God and then his nick, Quis Ut Deus (who is like God) acquires a meaning different from the biblical. On that matter a fellow reader comments: “what a metaphorical farrago of theological, philosophical and spiritual fallacies!” Well, “farrago” is not the “f” word that I would use but that line is an excellent definition.

My comment response which was censored by TCT went as follows:

Notice that poor man’s lack of textual comprehension: I say a “mandatory mercy” has no value. He responds by twisting the phrase into “mercy has no value?” What an absurd way to carry on a conversation! It is hard to understand why a venue for “intelligent Catholic commentary” allows such cretinous comments to see the light but let us make something good out of it while we can.

The problem with these communisti cum catholici is that they make no room for human freedom at all. Everything has to be enforced by them as they usurp the place of God. How could one be forced to be merciful? Can I put a pistol to my wife’s head and ask her to love me without erasing at the same time any real love she may have for me? Isn’t that the very point of God allowing free will?

Notice the blather that poor soul dumps on us! He probably thinks that cataract of nonsense is impressing someone. Liberté, egalité, fraternité “human rights” enforced by terror and the guillotine which eventually give birth to Napoleon’s empire!! No wonder the rooster is the symbol of republican France.The only animal that climbs to a pile of manure every morning to defy the rising sun.

I can’t wait for that sorry progressive ilk to join the Soviets in the dustbin of history. Once their noise subsides we may be able to have an intelligent discussion in peace.

The end result is that, due to politically correct censorship, one cannot call stupidity for what it is but stupidity itself has “freedom of speech” to pollute an otherwise perfect page with enough verbal manure to ruin the entire section. Political correctness wins. I won’t be that much inclined to read The Catholic Thing anymore because I run the risk of running into that kind of comment and feel that I am wasting my time. I have seen that happen over time with several quality Catholic webzines when the barbarians arrive to take control of the commentary section.

The Charlie Hebdo incident in Paris is going to be a marker in time. One side claims to have the right to blaspheme against anything sacred to anyone. The Progressive sons of the French Revolution have created one new “negative right” while Islam is aiming at clearly defined objectives such as submitting Europe, the same Europe that now has no aims but NOT to be Christian, NOT to believe in God, NOT to be “fascist,” and several other “NOTS.”

Charlie Hebdo was not even funny or ingeniously irreverent. He was just going for shocking value in the manner of the perennial adolescent intellectuals of Progressivism. His humor was a variant of the bodily secretion jokes of American teenagers of my time. He was the Alfred E. Neuman of the disingenuous European atheists in the same vein with Anatole France. If I was French I would not poke fun at beheadings of any kind, considering French history: it was not the Muslims who cut the head of Lavoisier, the brightest physicist in Europe at the time. That head was considerably more valuable than Hebdo’s. What happened at that office was business as usual among barbarians. I smile when I remember that I had to learn French in school from a book entitled Civilisation Française. The irony!

Je ne goûte pas Charlie. I don’t like Charlie. I don’t like the Modern Age. I despise the Reformation and all the bad that it has vomited on the world including the French Revolution, Marxism, Communism, Progressivism, Feminism, political correctness, liberation zoology, and lately the “spirit of Vatican II.” Pope Francis has just said that anyone who insults his mother can expect un pugno, good Italian for “a fist.” If there is going to be censorship is not going to be against my side. Whoever opens good Catholic pages to aggressive opinions in favor of something like the charbonnaire principles of Charlie Hebdo does not deserve my reading, and if it comes to fisticuffs so be it. St Nicholas punched Arrius (not hard enough if you ask me) and in doing so he established the canonical jurisprudence to be applied in future cases.

In writing this piece I exercised all the “freedom of speech” I could muster. So, deal with it.