Carlos Caso-Rosendi

Jesus said: “When they force you to go one mile, go with them two.” The Church has no place in the United Nations motley crew. Their actions can be ‘observed’ from Rome more clearly than from New York. The cheek of the UN! Ha! No condemnation is issued about clitoral circumcision, the growth of slavery, the millions of abortions per year, and all the other marvels of this brave new world. But that is the punishment we must endure for letting Maciels and Geoghans fester all over the Body of Christ for decades. Thank you, your excellencies for such a fine job. Now all Catholics have to bear the shame. When are the so called Legionaries of Christ be disbanded and silenced like say Fr John Corapi was silenced and ostracized for his sins? Money, sex, and the peddling of influences have no place in Christ’s Church. Expect persecution and much evil on the many for the sins of the few. This is only the beginning. Many of the popes of times past would have razed the LC to the ground, sending all their priests to be penitents for life, given all their money to the poor, de-consecrating all their properties and shaming their memory per omnia saecula seculorum. None of that has been done so now God is calling our enemies to do the job that our princes have failed to do.

Jesus was expelled from Jerusalem and crucified outside the walls. For the Lord it was going to be the end of twenty hours of agony and pain. For those who perpetrated the unholy deed it was the beginning of twenty centuries of calamities and persecution. That’s what it means woe to the hand that raises to punish the servants of God. A strange rule repeated over and over in Scripture.

In my opinion this is just the beginning of a battle that will eventually lead to the revelation of our Lord, the opening of the sixth seal. It is proceeding on schedule and quite apace. 2014 is going to be a very interesting year.

Israel and the Church on the same side. Isn’t that something!