Carlos Caso-Rosendi

Evo Morales’ “gift” to Pope Francis was quite ominous I must say. The Communists have been planning the destruction of the Catholic Church since 1917. I believe they will manage to cause much damage but in the end they will be used to purify the Church through trials and to bring about the glorious day of Our Lord. In this Universe all are working for none but for our Almighty God. I was quite busy taking care of many unproductive things this week and so I was not able to do much study but I did have one or two days to continue revising the work I have been doing on the matter of the two witnesses on Revelation 11. I won’t repeat the whole thing here but suffice to say this to refresh the basic hypothesis on everyone’s memory:


We have for the first time in history two living popes who are in accord. The Old Testament states that two witnesses are needed to establish a legal fact. Revelation 11 mentions two witnesses who live and act in the last part of the end times (that is deducted from the context, please read it) thus my hypothesis which by no means tries to calculate “the time and the hour.” On 19MAR2013 Pope Francis ascends to the papacy. Therefore we have the two witnesses since that day. Those two witnesses have to preach penance for 1260 days. If we add 1260 days to 19MAR2013: We arrive to 31AUG2016. By that time the two witnesses should be martyrs. They are “left outside the walls” for three days and then they are resurrected in view of the whole world and taken up to Heaven. The “outside the walls” expression may be important. I remember from my readings in Roman History that the center of Rome (intramuri) was consider sacred by pagans. Corpses and weapons were strictly forbidden. That seems to indicate a temporary return of Rome to pagan control

Duality plus martyrdom

I connect this with the vision of Fatima where the little seers contemplate a Holy Father that walks through a city destroyed blessing many dead on the streets and ruins. Later in that vision “a bishop dressed in white” (sic) is pierced by arrows. That reminded me of St Sebastian who was twice martyred by a Roman emperor in the same manner. Get the clue? Arrows + twice martyred, and arrows + two martyrs. While the visionaries see “one bishop” their vision may represent the Papacy itself, the arrows represent (and conceal until the right time) the duality of that particular martyrdom.

Destruction of the city and Martyrdom

Obviously there is a city being destroyed before the Pope in the vision can walk through it blessing the victims. Is that city Rome? I tend to think so, there are some signs. St Malachi of Armagh says of the last Pope before the Triumph: “and the city of the seven hills will be destroyed” but lots of cities have seven hills besides Rome, including Jerusalem and Lynchburg, Virginia! Still I think our saint refers obliquely to Rome. Now to some of the new findings — new for me for these are old knowledge — Jerusalem was taken by the Babylonians in 588 b.C. The Jewish historians note the Nebuchadnezzar “broke through the walls” on the 17th day of the month of Tamuz. Now that is a day “that will live in infamy” because in the same day long before, the Israelites made and worshiped the golden calf. In that occasion most priests and people had abandoned pure worship while Moses was “up the mountain conversing with God.” Remember that because that is a powerful model of the final days when Christ is still “up there in Heaven” and many in the Church unfaithfully consort with the world. So in 17 Tamuz the Babylonians break through the wall. After a few days of heavy fight, later on the 9 of Av they reach the Temple and destroy it at three in the afternoon (I have to confirm this hour, I only have one source.) Now six centuries later the Roman legions of Titus Vespasianus surround Jerusalem again. This time Jerusalem had rejected Jesus (see Matthew 23:37.) Now get a load of this: the Romans broke through he walls on 17 Tamuz and the forward legion (mainly Germans and Celts) burns the Temple on the 9th day of Av at three in the afternoon!

There is a pattern here of religious impurity being punished on certain dates. I mean no disrespect but I must make this next remark. The US Supreme Court passed that measure on homosexual unions on the days leading to the 4th of July (how awful!) and that 4th of July of 2015 was also the 17 of Tamuz, I am not making this up! The following 9th of Av falls on next July 25. I think those events indicate that the United States, like ancient Israel will be purified by various trials.

Going back to the schedule of the two witnesses in Rome:

The 17 of Tamuz falls on 23-JUL-2016, and the following 9th of Av falls on a Fatima date: 13-AUG-2016! That is exactly 1260 days after the conclave of 13-MAR-2013 elected Pope Francis. It seems to me that this is pointing at the destruction of the city before the martyrdom of our two beloved Popes. May my simple and ignorant interpretation be most absolutely wrong but that is what I sincerely believe to be the sequence (or at least a possible sequence) using simple common sense.

Brothers and sisters, the following days bring much to pay attention to:

13-SEP-2015 End of the Sabbatical Year and begin of the Jubilee Year (5776, Liberation)

23-SEP-2015 Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur)

28-SEP-2015 The Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot)

A Super Moon rises that is also a Blood Moon that night, the 4th Blood Moon of a Tetrad that started on Passover of 2014 (the 4 moons of the Tetrad rose on Pesach+Sukkot+Pesach+Sukkot)

“What I say unto you, I say unto all: keep on the watch!” Mark 13:37.