Pope Alexander VI, born Rodrigo Borgia, Pope from 1492 until 1503

“Why do you say, O Jacob, and assert, O Israel, “My way is hidden from the LORD, And the justice due me escapes the notice of my God”? Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Everlasting God, the LORD, the Creator of the ends of the earth Does not become weary or tired. His understanding is inscrutable. He gives strength to the weary, And to him who lacks might He increases power.” (Isaiah 40:27-29) I am up at a few minutes past  1 a.m. here because something deeply disturbed my spirit. It was not a nightmare. The city is quiet after a cloudy day with intermittent rains. We are enjoying a cool quiet night for a change but I can’t sleep.

A good friend of mine, a lady of prayer and faith, sent me this interesting link.  I feel pretty much like the person writing that letter. If you read my previous article The Year of (selective) Mercy  you may notice some similarities. Still I am all for obedience to the Chair of Peter as far as faith and morals. Those items are 100% guaranteed by Jesus who is praying to the Father so that the “faith of Peter does not falter.” (Luke 22:32) As for the Pope’s good behavior we have History as a witness that a Pope can be a pretty rotten fellow and yet the Church will survive.

In my own thinking I believe the Pope’s conduct is more evidence for my idea that we are living in prophetic times. Some do not believe in St Malachy’s list — that is OK as the list is not an article of faith — but I do. Now I find the last phrase rather ominous:

“In persecutione extrema S.R.E. sedebit Petrus Romanus, qui pascet oves in multis tribulationibus, quibus transactis civitas septicollis diruetur, et judex tremendus judicabit populum suum. Finis.” 

Translated: “In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills [i.e. Rome] will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The End.”

The last two words before “finis” remind me of the words written in the frontispiece of Buenos Aires’ Cathedral, once the seat of Pope Francis cardinalate: “Salvum fac populum tuum,” that is Latin for “[Lord] save your people!” What can one say during times like this but “Lord, awake! Don’t You see we are about to perish?” and yet that is only our anxiety speaking because God knows everything all the time, and the salvation of our souls is one of His main objectives. Will He fail? I do not think so and you better agree with me on that!

“Fear not little flock because it’s the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.” God is — above all things — good, and His very nature is that of a benefactor. Everything will work for our good, even those things that are apparently bad. With the unshakable faith of Job we must go through these times and trust that all will work for our good, even when there is no good to be seen at present. This is bitter medicine that we deserve: a prince fit for a lazy and rebellious crew. God is still perfectly just and we are still the sinners. We must obey Him and trust Him.

Beyond that I don’t know anything.