Carlos Caso-Rosendi

Not long ago during the US Presidential campaign I conversed with a number of people here in BA who expressed their concern about Donald Trump’s campaign style. Many simply accepted every salacious accusation against Trump as an absolute truth. When I told them that -to the best of my understanding – Trump was going to be elected, they reacted in typical fashion invoking the predictions and analysis of this or that political expert parroting the line of the American mainstream media. Argentines are ambitious by nature, we are not content with simply being ignorant: we must wear our ignorance like a badge. It is no wonder that in Spanish the anagram of “argentino” (Argentine) is “ignorante” (ignorant) a fact highlighted by one of our rare brilliant compatriots, the celebrated scientist and writer Marcos Aguinis. Now that Mr Trump is President, many here believe I am a sort of guru with supernatural prophetic powers, when in reality I own a very advanced bull manure detector honed by years of exposure to the US mainstream media.

In the years before the elections I thought that American Conservatism was going to spend a long time in the wilderness. I looked and there were plenty of good men who would have deserved the Conservative vote, yet none had all the qualities necessary to fight the good fight against the vicious Liberal Progressive machinery of the culture of death. When Trump decided to run I thought he was another Tom Dewey. I had nothing against the guy but I did not know much about him either. Then I began to listen to him. I watched him destroy several candidates in the primaries with incisive precise labels like: “little” or “low energy.” Trump did not merely win over those competitors, he destroyed them by highlighting their basic political defects with absolute certainty. Those labels were not only caustic, they were true. When John Kasich began pontificating Trump simply dismissed his verbosity with a simple “blah blah blah” and some observation about the Governor’s eating manners. It was over after that.

Trump was “translating” the perception that everyday Americans have of those politicians. To use the New York street jargon he was “real” and not “a phony” – I do believe he won the election then and there. By being able to see that from this far away – albeit a little late in the primaries – I confirmed the fact that my American citizenship goes much farther than the mere possession of a naturalization certificate. In a way this was my coming of age, my arrival to a certain American state of mind. Those who are appalled after reading my words so far better move to a different blog, this is only the beginning and it may be harmful to your delicate Liberal ears.

After the election many continue to be surprised by how many Latinos and black Americans voted for Trump. That did not take me by surprise. Liberals believe that they make a real good job at hiding the condescension (if not outright despise) they feel for blacks and Latinos in their plantation. I lived in Boston 22 years and that was my daily bread. I could fill the Boston phone book with the names of some poor sods who would talk to me in five year-old English, and later felt offended when discovering that I could not only speak, read, and write … I could do the job better than they ever could. In the words of a former boss -a character with as much talent as the ordinary moth- after reading a paper he had asked me to write: “How could I compete with this!” You see, he had ordered that paper but he did not tell me that I was expected to show up at his desk holding my Mexican sombrero on my chest, saying humbly “Pardon mee … mee no able to write that, patron!” Needless to say the man in question is a Liberal both in the political and Catholic senses, and a moron to boot.

Donald Trump never, not even for a minute came across as a phony looking for votes. One could see he was going to actually try his best to deliver. This is a man with real class, not a hypocrite but a genuine, authentic man of the people. Then his agenda came to the fore and it was a conservative, pro-life agenda filled with common sense, effective items  that anyone could simply understand. When I heard the other politicians talking about him with disdain I recognized that disdain as the same I had experienced so many times from similar foolsI am sure I was not the only one to notice that.

All of a sudden Donald Trump, the multimillionaire, TV star with a Queens accent was one of us. He was not trying to talk to us feigning to be like us for a minute or two. He was like us, every day, every hour and he was a winner arriving at a time when we were all tired of losing. I am not talking about losing only politically but at every turn in our lives, losing jobs to an artificially created professional class of ignoramuses. Tired of losing the purchasing power of our salaries, tired of having some teenager at some “human resources” desk tell us that we did not qualify for a job, or a raise, or a promotion while we could see on the media how ignorant nobodies made fools of themselves in Congress like Rep. Hank Johnson (D. Ga.)  who explained to us that the island of Guam could capsize if too many US Marines moved there. If you cannot fix your teeth, or cannot get a job to make ends meet, or lack the hundreds of thousands of dollars to have some decent health insurance, etc. the situation is bad enough to make any man see red, and many started seeing red and decided to vote red even in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, places where Mr Trump opponents did not even bother to visit in spite of  having over a billion dollars to spend in the campaign. Talk about taking us for granted!

Trump is beginning to destroy all that with simple authenticity. Notice also his humility and lack of ambiguity and nuance. In a real campaign about issues Trump reached real ordinary Americans, something that the hysteric shrieks of Hillary Clinton could not do even if they were amplified at galactic levels.

The dust of the election is settled now and here are the results: the Democrats who booed God at the opening of their convention, have been reduced to a municipal level party. For the first time in 100 years American citizens have access to raw, real, political power. One can see in a not too distant future that the elites that were deciding everything about our life will have to come down from their 365 days per year air conditioned ivory towers, to do their part with the rest of us instead of telling us how we should live. Trump seems clearly bent on ending that smugness and arrogance and that is good news for us, the perpetual last in the list.

One more result we must remember: the pollsters failed, the pundits failed, the mainstream media failed, the television talking heads failed, the illuminated political left failed, the eternally offended Muslims failed: Trump won with a vote of confidence of those among the American people to whom the Founding Fathers trusted the fate of the Republic: the one people under God, the people of common sense, the ones that will be left standing to forge the best days of the nation when this horrible Progressive fever subsides. Carpe diem.

Forgive my rant.

In this video from one of the top political analysis programs in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the analyst Jorge Giaccobe on October 4, 2016 affirms that Donald Trump will not and cannot win the US Presidential Elections. See 24:58 “No – no va a ganar Trump.” Translation: “No – Trump is not going to win.”