Carlos Caso-Rosendi

The last ten years have been times of toil and tears for yours truly but all things must pass and lately, things have been looking up a little. Some of you know that around my web sites, a federation of Catholic writers, translators, graphic artists, and budding scholars has grown. We are having a lot of fun and working for each other pro bono whenever possible since none of us are what one would call affluent. Things have been brewing lately that will soon be available to most of my readers here.

First, early today I received confirmation of a large translation job, the kind that one gets paid for. We had submitted our samples a while ago, those were read and approved by scholarly heads in Rome, the UK, and the United States. The decision was taken today to trust a team of three with translating several volumes into Spanish from the English original.

You also know I am getting close to finishing my book Guadalupe: A River of Light, which will be translated soon into Spanish and Portuguese by the members of our informal team. I am currently about to complete the sixth of ten chapters. A more complete edition of Ark of Grace: Our Blessed Mother in Holy Scripture is also coming along. Deo volente, it will be also translated into Spanish and Portuguese. A third title is also in the making A Vademecum of Catholic Apologetics which I expect to be a popular book.

On the websites department, our Spanish flagship site (currently under maintenance due to a cyber-attack presumably from some hacker who works for the telephone company in Uruguay) is about to be completely refurbished along with, the free Catholic theology magazine. Parallel English and Portuguese sites are in the planning stages. Lots, and lots of work.

99% of the work we are doing is self-financed but I invite those of you who can to contribute your best to support us. Do not worry if it is only a small donation, a dollar still goes a long way south of the border. Those are the news for this lovely Autumn afternoon in Buenos Aires. The stereo is blasting Gregorian chant, I invite you to enjoy it and add your prayers for the fruitful completion of this ton of work before us.