Kevin Williams

One moment I’m sound asleep. The next I’m wide awake with the certainty I’m supposed to go out to my truck and turn my radio on. I look at the time. It’s 2 am. “What? I always sleep through the night!” I was in the mountains at the place where just a few weeks before this I had another awakening…from a lifetime of wallowing in my sin. I was about to receive my first pro life message from God, a preview, an ember to be left indelibly smoldering in my heart and mind until I could figure out what I was supposed to do about it. I got up and went out to my truck and turned the radio on. I was about to learn what a saline abortion was from someone who survived it. When I turned on the radio they were re-playing an interview they did earlier of Gianna Jessen. She and a Colorado Legislator named Ted Harvey were both telling their story.

Ted Harvey was invited to a pro life fund raiser for a pregnancy center that had just opened. He met Gianna and heard her beautiful singing voice. How she had recorded albums. Heard her inspiring story. How in spite of the fact that her saline abortion had left her with cerebral palsy from oxygen deprivation, that she was thankful that God would preserve her life to tell her story to save other lives. How she often fell down from her condition but had learned to fall down ‘gracefully’ and was thankful to be able to walk at all. How she ran in marathons that they would almost have to use a calendar to time her instead of a stopwatch. “What a beautiful and inspiring soul!” That week Congressman Harvey knew that there was a huge Planned Parenthood Gala and fundraiser at the capital, complete with banners strung across streets in Downtown Denver. He got a ‘flash’ of inspiration. He told one of the organizers of the Planned Parenthood event that he had just met a woman with cerebral palsy who had a beautiful singing voice and sang at events and football games and despite her handicap ran in marathons. How she had a very inspiring story. Maybe she could sing at the Planned Parenthood recognition ceremony!  “Oh, what a marvelous idea! See if she is available and we will include her. She can sing for us.” And sing for them Gianna did! She told them about her participation in marathons and how she had learned to fall down gracefully. They were all so inspired by her. She sat at a banquet table with Planned Parenthood’s top executives and representatives of NARAL. All in the celebration of how Planned Parenthood was ‘helping women.’ Then Congressman Harvey got up again after introducing Gianna and said. “My name isn’t Paul Harvey. It’s Ted Harvey and here is “The Rest of the Story” As he told the audience of abortionists, Planned Parenthood, executives, Pro abortion legislators and wealthy supporters about how Gianna’s disability was the result of her mother’s “Choice” and what a saline abortion “Is” the audience started making thunderous noise banging their silverware on their tables. They unplugged his mic. There was the slamming down of a Gavel” “BANG!” In the same Capital, Denver, Colorado, where Planned Parenthood’s website says elective abortion all began in America. Six years before Roe.

Months after this, I read a girl’s detailed account of her own saline abortion. How when she asked the abortionist what was going to happen he merely said “I am going to use this syringe to extract some amniotic fluid, replace it with this saline solution and in a few hours you will expel the fetus. “Oh, That doesn’t sound so bad.” What he didn’t tell her was how that the baby would immediately start kicking and thrashing as it was being scalded and suffocated, burned alive excruciatingly by this poison from hell. Much more prolonged than the fires of Moloch and Baal. How her baby would fight for her life for almost two hours. How she would be weeping and sobbing telling her baby how sorry she was and that she would give anything to be able to undo what she had just done. The abortionist did not tell her how her baby’s kicks would become progressively weaker and weaker and weaker and how she would always remember the exact location of that last feeble kick. Something that would haunt her for the rest of her life.

I can’t shake the conviction that the slamming down of the gavel that day Gianna sang for Planned Parenthood was representative of another Gavel that will someday slam down. Only when that Gavel slams, the earth will shake and skyscrapers and Capital buildings will come crashing down where the murder of innocent unborn children continues on and on and on. But then it will be too late. “Shall the throne of iniquity, which devises evil by Law, have fellowship with You? They gather together the life of the righteous and condemn innocent blood… He has brought on them their own iniquity, and shall cut them off in their own wickedness. The Lord our God shall cut them off.” Psalm 94: 20-23