Carlos Caso-Rosendi

This week I am doing some maintenance on this site. Lipstick on the old oinker to make it look more attractive. Thank you all for your patience. In the last month or so I was working on transferring the whole content of to a new format. I also made some serious inroads on the site of the Centro Cultural Fe y Razón, I did not count the total posts but there must be slightly over 2,000 comprising my work and the work of the Centro Cultural since 2004, quite a bit to chew!

To that I need to add the Spanish translation of Guadalupe – A River of Light currently enjoying sluggish sales. I beg your patience as I go through all the posts here, some need light editing, others need more, and the site is going to work in a different manner. It will be much easier to navigate and better exposed to the search engines of the web.

As usual, I ask for your prayers. Many things are happening here in Buenos Aires, in Rome, and in Washington. God help us!

For your hearing pleasure a surprisingly fresh version of The Boxer accompanied by Andean music instruments.