Carlos Caso-Rosendi

Fulton J. Sheen once said, paraphrasing Oscar Wilde who was perhaps paraphrasing someone else: “Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius.” And I add, not necessarily to genius alone, also hard work and research done by those who are not geniuses at all. When someone lifts someone’s work and neglects to give the proper credit because of jealousy, the thief commits also the mortal sin of envy and the sinful snowball begins to grow. [NOTE: Dr Christopher Manion sent this via email: “Hypocrisy is the tribute that vice pays to virtue – La Rochefoucauld” Fulton Sheen and  Oscar Wilde were echoing that great phrase.]

Recently several authors — some with a rather good résumé — have lifted my work and presumably made some money with it. Good for them if they managed to profit from my work! May be I can copy a page from them in return and learn how to make few very needed extra bucks.

Everything started many years ago when some flamboyant ‘catholic’ homosexual — a resident of Fatima, Portugal — lifted my entire website and pasted every article of mine in his disgusting, degenerate page. Imagine my surprise when I saw my material illustrated with men in various stages of nakedness, looking at the camera with a ‘come-hither’ gesture. I was fuming, to put it mildly. That site was then known as ‘conocereisdeverdad [dot] org’ (don’t search it!) and it took a lot of effort to make the thief and his ‘friends’ delete the stolen material.

In time, thanks to an email sent to me in error, I found out that one of my friends — a priest of the Institute of the Incarnate Word — was in cahoots with the thieves. That very priest have once demanded that I surrender control of my page to him. Of course, I refused but that did not stop him and his associates to occasionally lift some of my articles. Some are still floating around. Compare this stolen article where no credit is given to the author, with this other rightfully published article. In the first one, no credit is given in the hope that I won’t find it when I Google my own name. The thieves are not aware that there are very good plagiarism-detection algorithms available for free in the web.

Another recent development has been the constant flow of “followers” from Poland to this, your friendly blog. Almost daily, a flurry of registrations come to my inbox with unlikely names like — I am sure the good people of Earthlink are unaware of one of their users or employers being a hacker, and a stupid one at that, who ignores that I know all of my subscribers. Those followers I do not recognize, are quickly deleted. That is why it is better for all of you to leave a small comment every now and then. In that way I get to know your email signature.

There is another trick: phishing and surreptitious virus downloads. The site formerly known as conocereisdeverdad dot com has taken refuge (after cleaning its homo-friendly content) in a neo-nazi, ultranationalist, sedevacantist site in Argentina, published by (I am shocked, shocked, I tell you!) a priest of the Incarnate Word Institute, an institution fallen in disgrace after their founder, Carlos Miguel Buela, was credibly accused of sexually abusing seminarians under his care. He was disciplined by both Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis. Nearly half of their priests (perhaps more according to some reports) have left the order. A sad case.

A careless searcher seeking to find out what those knaves are up to, may inadvertently wander into a synonymous site in the ‘dark web’ — see below the site, detected by my trusty antivirus ESET-NOD 32.


Nice try, you spawn of the devil, you. Now, go to Confession!

Another variant of the same trick is to plant a lookalike of one of my popular articles –in this case a video– to catch someone who is searching for my work. This second screen capture shows the mousetrap. Note: If you like to read what I write, please read it here. Everything I have ever written in any language is here in this site. No need to go searching the web. If you can’t find something, please drop me a line and I will direct you to the right archive, book, video, etc.


Those blatant enemies of God and our faith who pose as “ultra-Catholics” are nothing but fakes and pederasts who may have thought I was one of their own and wanted to use my writing to attract innocent victims to their disgusting lair. Let them be accursed until the day they repent. They are like the pharisees that assumed to be the only smart ones in town:

And it came to pass: when Jesus had finished these parables, he passed from thence. And coming into his own country, he taught them in their synagogues, so that they wondered and said: How came this man by this wisdom and miracles? Is not this the carpenter’s son? Is not his mother called Mary, and his brethren James, and Joseph, and Simon, and Jude: And his sisters, are they not all with us? Whence therefore hath he all these things? And they were scandalized in his regard. But Jesus said to them: A prophet is not without honor, save in his own country, and in his own house. And he wrought not many miracles there, because of their unbelief. (Matthew 13: 53-58. Douay Rheims Bible)

Be careful out there folks. And pray for yours truly: surrounded by enemies, I am in sore need of a miracle here.

God bless you all.