Our Lady of Mt Carmel, Santa Montaña, Puerto Rico.
Carlos Caso-Rosendi

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I started my day quite early today. As I begin to write this it is barely 8:00 a. m. here in BA and I am just finishing my dose of daily news. On the local front –not so local because of the many international ramifications– is the ransacking of the country by the last Peronist political couple. The last chapter of that saga is the outright selling of presidential decrees. The confession line is long and it includes some of the most prominent CEO’s in this country soon to be followed by mighty politicians. This awful cavalcade of repenting crooks trying to save their despicable hides will continue. The next event of importance will be the discovery of the tons of physical money that were moved by truck, plane, etc. to some final destination, presumably to be buried —like in the pirate movies, har! har!—

On the Catholic front, the sad news of more diocesan dirty laundry being exposed in Philadelphia and elsewhere: sordid stories about sodomite priests allowed to hunt for victims all over our parishes for decades. I must underline this, please pause for a moment: imagine the pain and embarrassment of good priests at this time. We must comfort them because they are about to go into a slow public martyrdom, all of them being the latest victims of the hordes from Sodom and Gomorrah. For the public, they are indistinguishable from the Judases being exposed in the news. Pray for divine protection for all good priests and for the Church at large. Prepare for hard times: the Church must bear this shame now but in time, God will restore all things to normal. Be patient and pray. Imitate Christ who suffered in forgiving silence the mockery of his enemies.

Some of you know that I have been researching the alleged apparition of Our Lady in Puerto Rico, actually her residence in that island from 1899 to 1909. I use the word ‘alleged’ because the Church has not investigated that extraordinary event yet. Personally, I am convinced of the authenticity of the apparitions and I wish I could afford a personal visit to the site to see documents and relics. Not being able to be there in person, I had to study the case from afar but that did not prevent me to find some extraordinary things.

When I was writing Guadalupe: A River of Light, I was amazed at the many significant details that have been overlooked by researchers. See, there was a purpose for Our Lady of Guadalupe appearing to St Juan Diego at Tepeyac Hill: to unite two nations and two races into one new identity. She arrived at the right time to save Mexico from dissolution and to launch Spain as a new Empire that would take the Gospel of Christ to distant nations. That extraordinary action was resisted by the forces of evil but Our Mother is stronger than all the evil in the universe. She prevailed. Mexico was born and became a nation in record time, something unseen in all of human history.

My aim from the beginning of my research of the apparitions in Puerto Rico was to discern the purpose of that extraordinary event.  I have been at it for a few months now and I believe I finally have enough information to answer that question. Our Blessed Mother visited Puerto Rico to show us how she is going to fix the world after the present global order collapses and the Church is purified through the fire of persecution.

When Mary Most Holy appeared to the Puerto Rican peasants in Santa Montaña, she was again building a parable for all of us to see. She built a self sustaining community there from the ground up. She rescued souls from vice and abject poverty. She taught them how to live off the land, and how to draw closer to God. She was a Mother and a Teacher for them. I hope my very limited investigation sparks the interest of the Church once the book is published.

The Holy Mountain in Puerto Rico is an American Carmel where Our Lady is replaying the dramatic lessons we learned from Elijah in the first account of Mount Carmel — please read 1 Kings 19-20 and compare. Back then, the false priests were defeated, the usurpers of the throne of Israel were crushed, and the long drought ended when Elijah called for rain. That mighty rain that renewed the land also confused the army of the enemies of God as they ended up stuck in the mud where the Israelites caught them and finished them off. That is all it took to bring that long era of tyranny to an end: rain and mud, the same brown mud we still remember today in the scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.