Carlos Caso-Rosendi

“We have to get used to deal with each other in truth. If we know the truth we will be a great people, inhabiting a great country. The truth shall make us free.” Jair Bolsonaro

Jair Bolsonaro won the presidential elections in Brazil this Sunday, October 28. He turned out to be a powerful and overwhelming political force. No amount of negative media coverage, slander, sabotage –including an attempt on his life– could stop him. He won the presidency by cleverly using social media channels, without a big party behind him, appealing to the best angels of his people, and placing his whole campaign effort in the hands of God. It is rather obvious that he took a page or two from Donald Trump’s presidential campaign strategy.

A few things that caught my attention: in the largest Catholic country in the world, Bolsonaro won by quoting Scripture profusely. He said in one of his early discourses (paraphrased) “We have to get used to deal with each other in truth. If we know the truth we will be a great people, inhabiting a great country. The truth shall make us free.” Thus he addressed Brazil, the country that not long ago received the papal counsel of “Hagan lío”– a colloquial Argentine phrase that basically means “raise a ruckus” and not “make a mess” as it was hastily and awfully translated.

His first acceptance words were transmitted via social media. He was flanked by his wife and daughter, and had a Bible, and a copy of the Brazilian Constitution conspicuously placed before him next to the microphone.

He has promised simple but powerful things: the Federal administration has to be reduced, “more Brazil and less Brasilia” he said, pointing his arrows to the Capital that rivals with Washington DC in the application of pork barrel politics. Successive leftists administrations have placed a huge burden of taxes and regulations on the Brazilian people. He just promised relief for the workers and freedom from cumbersome regulations. He has promised to combat the corrupt practices that plague the public works by reinvigorating federalism.

This is the third election in the Americas that ends up as a rejection of Progressive ideology in general. Mauricio Macri won a spectacular victory against the Peronist left in Argentina but so far it has been a great disappointment. Macri’s tepid administration has not reduced the size of the State, has increased the national debt, is taxing the local businesses to death, and has removed none of the regulations currently choking the country’s businesses.

In the United States, the Trump administration has managed to return the unemployment rate to levels not seen since the late 1960’s, is eliminating the horrific legacy of regulations from Obama’s age, and seems to be returning the country to the rule of common sense with great success.

Bolsonaro seems to be a continuation of that anti-Progressive tendency in the continent. He adds to it a pious disposition that goes well with his charming, modest but strong personality. His campaign motto, “Brazil above everything, God above everyone,” is especially refreshing and reminds us of the “In God we trust” of the early American revolutionaries.

Meanwhile, at the ranch …

The news of Bolsonaro’s victory came almost at the same time with reports that the federal government is ordering all U.S. bishops to preserve documentation related to cases of sex abuse within their dioceses. To those who understand the American legal system, that is a clear sign that the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, (RICO) is about to be applied. The whole Catholic Church is about to be dragged into an American court of justice because of a number of sodomite communist infiltrators.

“It is written,” [Jesus] said to them, “‘My house will be called a house of prayer,’ but you are making it ‘a den of robbers.’” Matthew 12:13.

As the legal pressure grows against the degenerates, and the faithful deposit less and less money in the collection plates of the gay communist club, they will use their positions of authority and influence to sell the assets of the Church and pay for an army of lawyers to save them from certain ruin. The Church may end up going back to the catacombs but it will be a purified Church finally free from that scum.

Brazil’s Bolsonaro is a breath of fresh air for us here in South America. Perhaps this is the beginning of the end for the Progressive Left and all their social and religious experiments. We are in God’s hands. We are in good hands.