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Some atheist responding to someone who dared to use the the word “sin” in

Or just live your life. Don’t let a bronze-age farmer’s almanac and HOA manual run your life.

There are many atheists out there invoking the sciences in an attempt to impose their religion on religious believers. Some are very vociferous and aggressive. I have found that many of them cultivate an “alternative lifestyle” that makes their conscience guilty. In their simplicity, they believe that their guilty conscience comes from those religions other people practice. Therefore they imagine that if they could force others not to believe in anything, they could make the pangs of guilt go away.

Many of them imagine that watching Star Wars makes them into some kind of astrophysicist. They invoke science (or what they imagine science to be) as the great force that has “already proven” the non-existence of God.

It is amazing how many of those ignoramuses are everywhere. Sometimes, I take pleasure in exposing their uninformed prejudices and their laughable ignorance. So, let us take care of Cletus, this FoxNews smartypants because his comment is quite ignorant; so ignorant that an Argentine without any other school than the public library can reduce it to smithereens.

The response

So religion –with emphasis on morality– is “a bronze age farmer’s almanac” that runs religious people lives. Interesting take. Let me mention in passing that without the knowledge condensed in farmer’s almanacs there would be a lot less food to go around. Obviously, Cletus our commenter is one of those who believe food grows magically inside supermarkets. Perhaps he imagines that seeding the ground in any season brings eventually a great harvest.

What is “HOA manual” anyway? House of Anubis? Hardwell On Air? Horn of Africa? Home Owners Association? There are too many acronyms around.

So who is running Cletus’ life? Take for example the Marquis of Laplace (1749-1847) the author of the Méchanique Céleste. This very smart guy and great determinist atheist was wrong about the immanence of the Universe (along with Einstein, Newton, Maxwell, and every non Jewish religion and philosopher since the dawn of man) but the bronze age Hebrew shepherds were right. Now we know the Universe we live in has a beginning, a first moment and so does Time–that is not the magazine but the flow we measure with clocks and such.

So, the joke is on you, and on Anatole France, Bertrand Russell, Piergiorgio Odifreddi and all the famous atheists past and present. The facts, the data, the science, disprove their vociferous ignorance even in the case of those who have otherwise scientific credentials. Abraham –a shepherd who did not attend Harvard and lived at the edge of the iron age– and whoever wrote the book of Job, knew forty centuries ago that the universe had a beginning. They claim that truth was revealed to them by God.

The whole world believed for a long time that the universe had always been there. Science learned the truth in the early 1900’s when Edwin Hubble discovered the red shift effect. That could have been deducted many years prior to the development of big telescopes. When the speed of light was measured, it should have been obvious that, in an eternally existing Universe, the light of even the most distant star should have reached us. It was not so. A simple calculation would have rendered the immanence of the Universe impossible. Unfortunately, the scientists were not smart enough to notice the contradiction, until Hubble that is. Abraham could have told them “I told you so” but he said nothing because he was dead since about twenty centuries before Christ. Correct me if I am wrong. I know some challenge the antiquity of the Patriarcal Age but they haven’t convinced me yet.

So, dear Cletus, if you want to live a life of vice, no one is stopping you from doing it. If your conscience bothers you though, do not try to impose your ignorant ideas on religious believers to ease your guilt. Rather seek the sources of that guilt in your own nature and deal with them. You don’t have a leg to stand on. You know no science and you are not worth 1/1024 the intelligence of a bronze age man.

Consider the bronze age, we are still using daily many things the bronze age men and women invented. It takes great intelligence to observe the movements of stars and planets with the naked eye, and relate them to the life cycles on earth, to develop math, metallurgy, astronomy, calendars, the alphabet, animal husbandry, finance, philosophy (some of the great philosophical principles hark back to the bronze age).

Bronze age men built the pyramids and temples of Egypt. Cletus and most of us could not survive one month in the middle of prehistoric Asia on our own. Bronze age men and women not only survived but thrived and changed their world for the better using only their brains, their physical strength, and empirical observation.

Being an atheist does not turn anyone automatically into an intellectual, quite the contrary. Don’t try to impose your half cooked new religion on us. We have been right for too long.