This is a very crude representation of what I saw. I pasted it on top of an image of the Basilica’s nave. The altar and sanctuary can be seen center image.

I went to St. Joseph’s Basilica on Sunday and I was early for confession. The confessor never showed up. While I was there I walked up the nave towards the altar and suddenly I saw something that looked like an inter-dimensional gateway like those that appear in science fiction movies sometimes. It was something like a big ellipse about 10 to 12 ft wide and about 4 to 6 ft tall. I could see it floating straight in front of me. The thing seemed to be alive. I thought I was having a stroke and my vision was being affected, I looked to the side to grab a seat and I did not see it anymore.

I turned my gaze back towards the altar and it reappeared. It was a beautiful multicolored object, elliptical in shape, formed by squares or rectangles about 4 inches wide that resembled mirrors or pieces of glass of many colors, some were transparent and they seemed to vibrate. I could not quite fix my gaze on the object itself because it disappeared as soon as I focused my attention on it, I could only see it with my peripheral vision as long as I was looking straight ahead towards the sanctuary.

It lasted for two or three minutes and then it stopped. It was getting late and father confessor did not show up, so I returned home. The following day Monday the 19th was a holiday here in BA so I returned for the evening Mass. I went to Confession before Mass.

When Mass ended, the priest informed us that every 19th day of the month, in honor of St Joseph, there is a procession around the Basilica, the Procession of the Seven Altars of St. Joseph that grants a Papal Plenary Indulgence to all those who participate, pray, receive Holy Communion and go to Confession.

I wonder if I was purposely delayed on Sunday  (by St Joseph?) so that I was forced to return on the 19th to benefit from the plenary indulgence. If I had found a confessor the day before I would have not returned and I would have missed the opportunity. The last 48 hours were very strange. Something’s afoot…

If anyone knows of anyone ever seeing something similar to what I described here, please let me know. May be it was an optical illusion of some sort, may be it was something supernatural. Someone who wanted me to keep my eyes fixed on the altar?

Whatever it was, it was something beautiful to behold.

NOTE ON NOVEMBER 20: I believe I saw an optical illusion. Sunlight projected from the crystal chandeliers that hang at both sides of the Basilica. The timely appearance of that ellipse of light I cannot explain though.