Carlos Caso-Rosendi

“He who allows disorder to avoid conflict will suffer disorder first and then face conflict.” ― Niccolò Machiavelli

A friend sent me the link to a video of  The Vortex. In it, Michael Voris  tries to interview a certain bishop as the prelate leaves an airport. The meeting was not intentional; the bishop and the Church Militant crew were in the same plane and Mr. Voris had a chance to interview the bishop. I won’t describe the tense situation here. You can see the video.

My point: I was surprised when I felt for a fleeting moment that Voris was being rather boorish but as soon as I caught myself thinking that, I remembered that a little boy was violated by a so-called priest at the tender age of six.

I remembered the days when mothers approached a Cardinal, asking him to do something about the pedophiles in the Boston Diocese. “Talk to my bishops!” said he in a dismissive manner, sending home those members of the flock whose faith and earthly life had been destroyed. No one hurt the old cardinal. Personally, I am surprised that none of those participating in the cover up of pedophile priests had to dodge a fist aimed at their faces in anger.

A personal experience. I was not a boy when I had my first encounter with one of those church perverts. The story of my conversion caught the attention of many back in 2001 or 2002. Soon I was contacted by a number of Catholic organizations in the Spanish speaking world that wanted me to write this or that for them. I did not know at the time that effective Catholic apologists who write in Spanish are scarce. For a while I tried to help but then I realized that some of those people were not really Catholic, some of them were dishonest, and most of them were pretty demanding, imperious, if I may add.

One of those clowns was a man residing in Portugal. He administered a website called  something or other, a web aggregate, a festival of cut and paste with apologetic pretensions. I received a mysterious call from Portugal one day and I was invited by that man to visit his site. While I was on the phone with him I browsed briefly through that rubbish. The site was (and still is) the equivalent of a junkyard with article after article piled up without rhyme or reason. It was “illustrated” in a strange way. Topless dancers of  Rio’s Carnaval rubbed elbows with images of saints and marching Chinese troops. The articles were repeated ad nauseam in various lists.  In those days I used to make a living classifying information, so I got a poor impression from that mess. My polite attempts to educate that ignoramus were dismissed right away. The poor fool thought he had built the electronic equivalent of the library of Alexandria.

While that brief conversation took place, whoever was the administrator of that site surreptitiously sent thousands of homosexual porn images into my home computer. I would not have noticed the invasion if it was not for a system message informing me that I was running out of disk space. A quick review showed the shocking disgusting images. I was fuming to say the least. One day I will tell you the complete saga.

I selected some “mild” images and exposed that site in the Spanish Catholic web. The reaction was as immediate as it was shocking. Every “apologist” from Venezuela to Spain, from Argentina to Peru, a “Monsignor” and a “priest”quickly began defending the creep. They argued that there has to be “respect for the humanity” of that degenerate who was using his site with obvious purposes. Those fools were high on political correctness, something I was never a fan of.

I admit that I was quite offensive, much more importunate than Mr. Voris.  No one showed respect for “my humanity” though. The evident fact that the creep was generating a spiritual interest through a website in an attempt to attract young people to feed his vice was awful enough to make me very angry. Ever since those days I had the lavender mafia after me but that is another story. I am now enjoying the show as people like Michael Voris and others put pressure on the creeps. They are on the way out. They shall not prevail. They will be crushed like the cockroaches they are.

Yes, Voris uses his considerable power to pressure and even ridicule those bastards. I do not care if they are bishops. I personally consider their ordinations to be invalid on the basis of deception. If a man marries a woman because of her fortune and she finds out and asks for an annulment; why wouldn’t the Church annul the ordination of a communist, a sodomite whose only intention in coming to the Church was to harm the flock? Do they have a right to be treated with kindness even when unrepentant and defiant?

In my opinion, this struggle to get rid of the perverts in the priesthood is too polite. It is not enough to shout recriminations at a Cardinal on his way out of a church. I know the US Department of Justice is working on the matter. If they could once bring down the real mob, these effete creeps will be no challenge for them. I hope the moment comes soon.

In the meanwhile let us consider the fact that bishops and priests –those who committed crimes and those who didn’t but looked the other way– are guilty of working together to ruin thousands of lives by commission or by omission . May God have mercy on the souls of their victims and forgive them if they left Christ because of those criminals. If you think Mr. Voris was “out of bounds” there, just imagine yourself a small boy or girl forced by one of those creeps. If that makes you clench your fist, that’s not a sin.

“He who is not angry, whereas he has cause to be, sins. For unreasonable patience is the hotbed of many vices, it fosters negligence, and incites not only the wicked but the good to do wrong.” ― St. John Chrysostom, Bishop and Martyr