Carlos Caso-Rosendi

Let us have pity on the wicked, for he will not learn justice: in the land of the saints he has done wicked things, and he shall not see the glory of the Lord. (Isaiah 26:10)

Have you ever been blacklisted? It is quite easy these days to be kicked off the sunny side of the street by anyone who is immoral and has some basic ability to manipulate Google. It is even easier if you happen to be a Catholic who rubs certain “personalities” the wrong way.  One of the things I found very quickly when I was received in the Catholic Church, is that there is a kind of Catholic who has no qualms in doing things that are immoral, as long as they are legal and don’t become too public.

In years past, I met all kinds of “church” creeps and I witnessed the most awful things being done under various Catholic covers. In one occasion, just to give you an example, I was called by two well known “personalities” who proceded to skewer some person I did not even know. They said they were telling me about the guy so I would not be “fooled by his lies” later on. Well, I did learned the truth later on. The rest of the story: the villain they were warning me about happened to be good man. Those two knaves  had swindled some property from the poor guy in the most despicable way. Certain things can be legal but they are not that moral if they have to be covered by detraction and slander: those are works of darkness. Those are not fruits of the Spirit.

In another occasion I was invited to visit a certain priest to talk about a translation job. I visited him in one important seminary house, one of the most important in the nation. We discussed the work at hand and then the man brought up the matter of homosexuality —since it pertained to the translation— and informed me that some “noted theologians” considered that homosexuality was not quite included in the biblical term usually translated as “fornication” and thus there were no arguments to consider it a sin. He mentioned one of his heroes, a man named Theodore McCarrick. At the time, I did not know who McCarrick was. The whole conversation was clearly geared to find out if I belonged to the homosexual persuasion. I understood that later when the group to which that priest belonged was rocked by revelations of rampant immorality — I heard rumors but I dismissed them as mere internet gossip.  In the end everything fell perfectly into place. That afternoon, when I asked about the Old Testament precedent, and the clear condemnation of homosexuality found in the Pauline letters and other parts of Scripture (not to mention many of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church) the conversation ended abruptly.  I was quickly escorted to the parking lot. That priest will never know how close he was to meet Jesus before his time.

I could tell you about a dozen similar anecdotes. Some of those pervs have taken to the habit of calling the parishes where I attend Holy Mass. The usual treatment I have received in every parish is similar to the shunning practiced in some sects. There is always someone who is “aware” of my “dangerous” presence. In one parish (this was about eight or nine years ago) someone even gave me a State Police form to sign, authorizing the parish to receive my police record, etc. I signed it. I also took a minute to shake the dust of my shoes and I’m sure I will see pigs flying over the bell tower the next time I step in there.

I wonder if any of those people truly believe in God. My money is on “nope” but I may be wrong.

According to my counter, about 500 different people have read this blog in the last few hours. Imagine if I start dropping names. I can do it without much consequence, I own nothing, my financial worth is likely to be negative since I am basically surviving on my readers’ charity. No lawyer worth his salt is going to waste his time on me, much less so if what I say happens to be the actual juicy truth.


All that intro to let you know that I can sympathize with the current President of the United States. When I hear members U.S. House of Representatives, politicos, and television personalities make the most outrageous accusations against Mr. Trump, I can imagine the effort he is making not to ring a few necks.

I know there is a God, and I know He is a dispenser of terrible justice —even more terrible with the members of His own house— I have seen Him in action many times and I would not mess with those forces. He is patient, kind, benevolent up to a point. See in Scripture the example of King Saul, and King David. They both sinned, one constantly, the other occasionally but both of them paid a horrific price for their mistakes. None of us are exempt of receiving the same treatment.

The persecution that Donald Trump is enduring, comes as payment for the sacrifices he is making to serve his country. At seventy-something, who needs all the aggravation that comes with that office? He is rich, and his children are rich as well. He does not need fame or additional fortune. He is obviously serving the country he loves, and that is not Russia but the good old USA. I was never a fan of his style, although I have met people that worked for him and I only heard good things from them. The viciousness of his persecutors had the effect of endearing the man to me.

What if a Grand Jury is formed tomorrow and Comey, McCabe, Baker, Strzok, Page, etc. are called to testify along with the members of the “intelligence community” that we were supposed to believe two years ago, the ones that were assuring us that Russian espionage agencies had Trump “compromised”? What if their entire life is investigated, along with the life of their friends, associates, spouses, and children? And what about taking a long hard look at the tax returns of every millionaire member of Congress whose fortune appears a bit difficult to explain? Who would withstand the “treatment” they have dished on Donald Trump?

Drop after drop, the cup of God’s patience fills to the rim. It will overflow one day and the just ire of God will call men’s sins into account. Woe to me because I am a sinner and I know my repentance won’t shield me from the consequences of my past sins! Where are those toxic, perfidious persecutors going to hide? Do you agree with me that many among the decent people in the US are tired of their blatant maliciousness? Do they think we are blind and deaf? Or do they think we are fools?

He who will not bend after many warnings will suddenly be broken beyond repair. (Proverbs 29:1)

The wicked man is disgusting to the righteous. A decent man is disgusting to the wicked . (Proverbs 29:27)

Do not say, “I’ll pay you back for this wrong!” Wait for the Lord, and He will avenge you. (Proverbs 20:22)

Blows and wounds scrub away evil, and beatings purge the inmost being. (Proverbs 20:30)