Carlos Caso-Rosendi

This short article is a commentary on Investor’s Business Daily editorial article of September 9, 2016 that a friend posted in my Facebook Wall today.  It is worth investing a few minutes to read it.

A few days ago, a judge blocked the U.S. President from building a barrier to stop the drug trade, human trafficking, and illegal immigration into the territory of the most powerful country on earth.  The Congress of the United States, the same that heard the voices of Thomas Jefferson, John Quincy Adams, and so many other great Americans, is currently stalling legislation that is urgently needed to fix the border crisis and so many other serious problems. The Democratic Party is the main resistance group to those and other presidential efforts. I am no political analyst by any stretch of the imagination but I think I can opine with some certainty that the crises are many but the problem is one: the so called Progressive Left.

If you read the IBF article mentioned above, you will notice that the author points at the fact that all the dilapidated cities in the US have “enjoyed” Democratic leadership for a long time. I am not going to repeat the premises of that article here. I am only going to add that inept and corrupt government administration are only a fraction of the notorious talents of the political left. They started ruining cities, regions, industries, etc. and lately they are graduating to the ruination of human communities: the black American families, babies in their mother’s wombs, infants and youth trusted to them for education and much more. The Democratic Party is only one of the many groups captured by the International Progressive Left. Their plan is to lay waste to the Western World. What they did to Detroit, they want to do to every country in the world and not only to every country: they are now aiming at the biological structure of our planet. Abortion and the inversion of every moral law are all aimed to destroy our bodies and souls, and eventually all life.

They have found the way to infiltrate even the most stalwart bastion of the Western World: the Roman Catholic Church. It is no surprise then that they could infiltrate City Hall, colleges, universities, chambers of commerce, civil associations, etc. Long ago they found they can destroy their objectives much more easily from the inside.

When I was writing Guadalupe A River of Light, I was greatly impressed by the words “Unless there is supernatural help, the country will be lost.” On one hand, we have to act. We cannot sit and watch the disaster unfold. On the other hand, we wonder what can we do to effectively make this plague stop. Praying for divine assistance should be the first priority.

Detroit in happier times.