Carlos Caso-Rosendi

A huge free speech case is raging in Australia, and it’s symptomatic of the culture war across the Anglosphere. Israel Folau, an Australian rugby star who posted a Christian meme on his Instagram, was sacked from his team because the post was deemed homophobic. The Instagram meme said everyone who is a cheater, adulterer, homosexual, drunkard, fornicator, gambler, etc., would go to hell and they should repent, followed by a direct quote from the biblical book of Galatians. It did not single out LGBT people, according to Miranda Devine, a columnist for The Daily Telegraph. Nevertheless, a standard evangelical post was used to make an example out of anyone who professes his faith, if that faith happens to oppose homosexual behavior. That didn’t stop there of course. The majority of the Polynesian players who play for sports teams in Australia and New Zealand are devout Christians, often some of the most practicing in the entire world. Floau’s case has been dubbed a deterrence effort. For example, GoFundMe, where Folau initially located his legal defense fund, abruptly closed his account, accusing him of bigotry. Fighting so-called bigotry and promoting so-called tolerance and inclusivity was the reason, according to GFM spokeswoman Nicola Britton in a report by the BBC. The account had accrued around $700,000 in donations by the time of its closing. — Quoted from The Federalist

It is no longer a secret that a number of preferred members of society enjoy a superior social status. One cannot say a thing about any of those “special groups” without being cut to pieces. The more media exposure the “violator” enjoys, the harsher the treatment. Such is the case of Israel Foulau, a talented Australian rugby player who dared to warn those disobeying the Sixth Commandment, that Hell is waiting for them unless they repent. When Mr. Foulau tried to raise money for his legal defense, the portal GoFundMe (that I used myself and will be quickly fired after I finish this post) shut his account down.

The word “Orwellian” does not begin to describe the kind of world we are careening into.

I have experience in these matters. A few years ago when I was a more gullible Catholic, I was contacted by a group of people who presented themselves as “Internet Catholic apologists.” I remember specifically three: one from Portugal, one from the Dominican Republic, and one from Mexico. They were all chums and they wanted me to join the club. It did not take long for me to realize that those three stooges were too annoying to be serious defenders of the faith. In those days I had a rather naive idea of what the Church was. One day, after receiving a phone call from the one residing in Portugal, I was invited to open a certain article in his website The site was a copy-paste mess with thousands of articles piled up in no specific order and “illustrated” in a chaotic and rather immodest way. While the phone call was still in progress, a message appeared on my computer screen: “Running low on hard disk space!” After the call ended I went into the system to see what was the problem. Well, the problem was that I had been tricked to click into one specific page in that despicable site and someone on the other side began to download homosexual porn into my disk. When I looked, there were piles of GIF and JPG files all coming from that site’s server. Out of prudence, I had to reinstall my whole system after a thorough clean up. But I sent my hounds into a systematic search to see who was that moron from Portugal. Soon a friend of mine in Barcelona found his name in the now defunct GeoCities portal. There we found a “contact” page, sort of a primitive love date site reserved for the homosexual community.

It was rather obvious at this time that the “apologist” was piling up material from every Catholic site with one objective: to be on the top position (no pun intended) of every Catholic-themed Google search. Once the traffic was secured, the administrator established contact with selected visitors, perhaps with the idea of luring them into his persuasion. A typical and not very original fly-paper trap, well financed. Today the page survives hosted by an Argentine priest, formerly from the Institute of the Incarnate Word, what a coincidence!

I exposed that site at a high social cost for me. At the time I did not imagine that the Church was already infiltrated by thousands of homosexuals, many of them cardinals, bishops and priests. One particular idiot, a so-called apologist from Venezuela (where else!) urged the administrator of the offending site to eliminate thousands of homo-porn images. The admin complied reluctantly and it took several tries until he eliminated everything but the fly-paper trap continued in operation perhaps to this day. The poor boob from Venezuela published a sort of papal bull, indicating that it was all OK with the site and now everyone could visit. Note: he works in information services in Caracas. He knew very well what he was doing. Who gave him the authority to pronounce that rubbish, I do not know. I know he will have to answer for that one day.

I received all kinds of chastising, mainly from some half brained female apologist in Peru, from some father of the Institute of the Incarnate Word. At the time they were in a chummy relationship with then Cardinal McCarrick. Years later, their founder Carlos Miguel Buela was sanctioned by both Pope Benedict and Pope Francis after reports that he was sexually abusing his own seminarians. It does not take a Sherlock Holmes to figure out that they all belonged to the same club. I wandered blindly through all those dark corners of the Catholic world for years until I figured what was going on. In the meanwhile I was almost miraculously finding one awful thing after another. It was like some kind of angel was giving me a tour of all that was going on. It was not nice to contemplate all that, especially because I was new in the Church and I had no idea of how to react to such things. I was angry to say the least.

While all of that was going on, the homo-mafia attacked my own baptismal godfather (a saintly priest from Boston) with a false accusation that was investigated and dismissed by the Attorney General but cost that man of God his parish, abruptly ending his long career as a priest. They broke his heart.

For some reason, I think God may have prepared me for this mission all my life. When I was 12 years of age I was attacked by a male physician who got a swift kick in the groin as a response (I used to play soccer back then and I had my soccer shoes on. Ouch!) I left his office while he laid semi-conscious on the floor. Even later on, when I was 16 two other unhappy souls tried to do the same. Thank God, I always knew how to defend myself.  I do not have to imagine the sheer terror a young boy feels in those circumstances. Of course, the victims do not enjoy the special protections that the present law affords to perverts these days. Those violated by the likes of McCarrick or Bernardin will not go to a posh retirement at the expense of the faithful; they are left wounded to die by the side of the road of life. There is no “mercy” for them, no “human rights”, no “respect for their humanity.” Christ was hurt when they were hurt. Think of Christ’s words and shiver:

And the king answering, shall say to them: Amen I say to you, anything you did it to one of these my least brethren, you did it to me. (Matthew 25:40)

Why do I tell you all these anecdotes? Because the Australian rugby player is correct. Those chaps are not going to Heaven unless they “repent and believe in the Gospel.” Words of Jesus. No amount of human laws forcing others to accept their lifestyle is going do squat for their salvation. When a man enters God’s punishing zone he does it on his own sinful volition. He will have no one to blame but himself and his own bad inclinations. If they don’t believe that now, they will  believe it when they get there.

You can do like the Catholics in the Spanish blogosphere: dismiss all evidence and pretend that the perverts currently gaining power among us are merely “men that had a weak moment.” You can talk about the “respect for the human person” which is a dog whistle for accepting anything and go fornicating with the world. Do that. Keep on pretending. After our last breath we will find out what is the value of all that rubbish.

Here goes the old T. S. Eliot quote. Meditate on it.

“The World is trying the experiment of attempting to form a civilized but non-Christian mentality. The experiment will fail; but we must be very patient in awaiting its collapse; meanwhile redeeming the time: so that the Faith may be preserved alive through the dark ages before us; to renew and rebuild civilization, and save the World from suicide.” – T. S. Eliot, Thoughts After Lambeth, 1931.

I do believe we will see the day –perhaps soon– when Christians will have to rebuild the world that Liberals of all stripes are now destroying at a faster and faster pace. I will give you one example but there are many: look at California. If you want that in your neighborhood just sit down and do nothing. The experiment is failing there and the old adage says: “As California goes, so goes the nation.”

Soon enough we’ll set ourselves for scrummage and our rivals will not be there.