Carlos Caso-Rosendi

At this early hour, we know the results of the primaries in Argentina. Primary elections here are a sort of thermometer measuring the October elections. At this hour about 95% of the votes are counted showing a solid victory for the Peronista/Chavista/Progressive front led by Cristina Fernandez Kirchner and supported by Pope Francis in Rome.

Mauricio Macri will lose in the next election if these results hold. He deserves to lose. He ascended to the presidency promising order, a smaller state, etc. He delivered NONE of that and his pusillanimous attitude sealed his fate. He does not have what it takes to solve the country’s problems and the problems had him for lunch. He was a complete idiot playing the part of the “solution man of the hour” but he was yet another Jimmy Carter.

Cristina Kirchner has promised to install the Venezuela model here and there are enough fools in this forsaken corner of the world willing to vote for that. If Mauricio Macri would have delivered a mediocre administration, he would have won but he only delivered a tepid, do-nothing, get-in-debt, pro-abortion, pro-globalist agenda, pro-gay mishmash of ideas. He also destroyed the economy through debt and growth of the already enormous state. The Argentina Federal Admin feeds more than 2 million employees that deliver nearly nothing in return after consuming more than 40% of the GDP. It has become an all consuming cancer. This last four years they went through 70 billion dollars of borrowed capital — enough money to complete BREXIT and have a few million bucks left. That was the cost of destroying about 20% of the business base that survived the last Peronist administration.

After this election, the future has a name: National Debt Default … again. Perhaps the last one. It is easy to predict that the battered Argentine peso will take a hit today. It won’t surprise anyone if the interest rates on the national debt will hit the ceiling. Few will be willing to lend money to a country about to fall into the hands of those who “allegedly” stole a mountain of money and “suicided” one federal prosecutor.

Argentina cannot survive another Peronist administration. Perhaps that is the fate that the country so foolishly seeks. The results were bound to be the same: four more years of a politically incompetent Mauricio Macri or another round of Progressive lunacy. Soft or hard way to hell. 90% of the country believes in the Macri/Kirchner nonsense. The good part is: none of them has the money to implement their particular demolition but the implosion may take care of it all by itself.

After 100 years of pretending to be a Republic, Argentines are finally going to crash the prosperous country they got from the Conservatives a century ago. It took them 100 years to destroy the legacy of the generation of 1856-1916. A fool and his money are soon parted but for a country of fools, it takes a century.

Hear the opening salvos of Venezuela, part II.