The nations of the G7 economic summit offered Brazil a measly 22 million US dollars to help with combating the fires. It is a laughably small amount of money and the initiative comes from Emanuel Macron who can barely keep the streets of Paris safe and could not prevent the arson of well over 1,000 churches in France, including Notre Dame of Paris. This last one was a lawful property of the Catholic Church that the French Republic appropriated and was never returned. Now the original Notre Dame is lost along with many other church buildings in France that have succumbed to arson.

Why is the Amazon forest on fire. Please trust this South American: some part of the rain forest is always on fire. There are old folk songs written about it. That is due in part that more lightning falls in that area of the world than in any other area. It is impossible to prevent naturally occurring lightning although it would be nice if a bolt from Heaven falls on monsieur le président de la République française for a change.

President Bolsonaro of Brazil declined to the “generous offer” of the very countries that make money destroying the environments of the entire world. President Jair Bolsonaro’s chief of staff, Onyx Lorenzoni, who advised French President Emmanuel Macron to take care of “his home and his colonies.” It is good advice, in my opinion.

The so called Latin America is in dire need of good governance. The rest of the world –including France– could use good administrators also. The planet is a royal mess. In a recent article, Fr. Regis Scanlon pointed a several reasons why mankind may be visited by a divine chastisement soon. I am one that would like to see some kind of order imposed on the inmates running this asylum we call Earth. It is obvious that we cannot govern ourselves. In the meanwhile, the great talents in Rome are planning another Synod. So far, Deepak Chopra has not been summoned but there is always hope.