Carlos Caso-Rosendi

Note: I got some comments and emails that force me to repeat this one more time: I am not making any predictions. I find the events of Garabandal credible just like Padre Pio and Mother Teresa found them credible even when the Church did not approve them for various political reasons. Please read carefully. I am not making any predictions, OK? Thanks! I meant to state that I am not making any predictions. I hope that sinks in.

Today, I heard a very simple man from Spain give an account of a revelation he received while praying at Garabandal on the evening of July 12, 2017. The story of his vision not only makes a lot of sense, it features some coincidences that could hardly been made up by such a simple fellow. I notice a few, you may add to it in the comments. Obviously those who made the video did not.

In addition to that, I have received a personal testimony that I am obliged to keep to myself, unfortunately. But I can at least tell you that it points very strongly in the same direction: we are about to enter into a prophetic period of history, the same age that many prophets wrote about and now —if I am not mistaken— we have the privilege to live through. A quick synopsis follows here:

  • It was October 13, 1884. 33 years before Fatima Pope Leo XIII heard Jesus giving the devil 100 years to sift the Church as predicted to St. Peter: “Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift all of you as wheat. But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.” (Luke 22:31-32)
  • On October 13 1917, in Fatima, Portugal, the Miracle of the Sun happened before thousands of people, many of them unbelievers who were converted. The “errors of Russia” began to spread over the world.
  • From 1973 to 1981 in a little lay convent within the diocese of Akita, Japan, a statue of the Virgin Mary cried for 101 days. Sister Agnes Sasagawa, who was the first to witness the miracle was cured of her deafness and received a number of prophecies.
  • In 2016, Pope Francis declared the Year of Mercy (a Jubilee of the Church) Fr. Scanlon explains in a very clear article how he got to believe that the Jubilee added one more year to the 100 years allowed for the devil to sift the Church.
  • On 12 July 2017 Mr. José Luis Gómez declares to have been to the site of the apparitions in Garabandal, a small town of the Cantabria region of Spain. He says he heard a voice while praying in a place known as “Los Pinos”  (the pines) informing him that a certain pine split by lightning had some prophetic meaning: The two main parts of the pine trunk represented two years. The two smaller branches represented two months. And the a long branch represented a number of days.

Doing the math is simple:  July 2017 + 2 years + 2 Months + some days will take us to one day in October 2019. Since this happened shortly after sunset, in biblical terms it was already July 13. I am writing this only hours before October 13, 2019, the 102st anniversary of Fatima’s Miracle of the Sun. I do not know if to give credence to that locution but time will certainly tell.

Mr. Gómez believes he was perhaps revealed the date of the Warning or Universal Illumination of Conscience allegedly predicted by Our Lady of Mount Carmel to four girls between 1961 and 1964 in San Sebastian of Garabandal, Spain.

What is the Warning? Our Lady described it as a cosmic event without precedent in the history of mankind, a phenomenon of nature unknown to science; according to many seers, it will be like a source of light coming from the depths of the cosmos, which comes directly from God and will impact the earth for approximately 20 minutes, it will be visible to the human eye but it will also come along one invisible force that will shake the consciences of individuals, causing a great shock of emotional, psychological and spiritual order, but will not produce any direct physical damage; therefore it could well be defined as “the last divine effort”  to alert every person to the gravity of the sins of mankind. The expected result is universal repentance but we were not told if mankind will heed this warning or not. I hope mankind will react like the Ninevites of Jonah’s time and repent.

Considering the fact that Sunday October 13th, 2019 we complete 101 years from the last apparition of Our lady at Fatima (the Miracle of the Sun,) it will be prudent to keep an eye open to the possibility of the Warning happening ON OR AFTER that day. The events currently transpiring in Rome and in the Middle East seem to have a strong prophetic bent. It may be wise to remain in prayerful alert on October 13 and in the days to come.

Post-post: October 13 passed but not without news. As President Trump recalled the US troops in the Syrian theater, Turkey got involved. On October 13, the Alawite government in Syria allied with the Kurds to repel the Turkish invasion. Those are very important events. The Turkish invasion of Syria on Sukkot (the harvest festival,) with a Russian President born on the anniversary of Lepanto while the Pope and his Cardinals bow down to the Pachamama … may seem like nothing to some but it is a blaring sign in my opinion. The Warning is supposed to be a last call for repentance and yet we know through St. John that “men did not repent of their sins” (Revelation 9:20-21) that is to say that a number of mankind will not heed God’s warning nor understand it is final. It stands to reason that the warning will come before men try to offend God further by establishing a false church and a global government, otherwise it would not be much of a warning.

Post-post post: A few people contacted me regarding “the end of the world that did not happen.”

OK. Let me repeat this to those TOO DUMB to read what was clearly stated in the article above. I will try to make it “Forrest Gump easy” for those brainiacs too mentally challenged to read all the words and make sense of what they are reading:

This was an observation about a certain Warning, predicted by Our Lady in Garabandal, Spain between 1961 and 1965. That Warning coincides with what other saints and visionaries called sometimes “The Illumination of Conscience” that is to PRECEDE the end of this age. THAT IS NOT the end of the world, the end of times, or anything else of that kind but a “warning” a statement or event that warns of something or that serves as a cautionary example; cautionary advice; advance notice of something. Compare to the warning ticket we get from a traffic police officer: “The next time, you’ll get a fine. Got it, Dumbo?”

No wonder God is frustrated with mankind!