Carlos Caso-Rosendi

Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum!

Even at a time like this, when many of us live under various forms of affliction, I have good reason to feel elated by some great news. I am literally beaming with joy as I write this.

By now, many of us are familiar with the message received by Sister Agnes Sasagawa. Not long ago I posted a short article about the warnings of Our Lady of Akita. If you haven’t, please read A Terrible Warning.  Since the days of the visions of Akita and her miraculous healing, Sister Sasagawa has been silent but last October 6, as the now infamous Synod of the Amazon began in Rome, good sister Agnes received a new message. Coinkidink? I think not..

The heavenly message was very credibly expressed:

“Put on ashes and pray for a Rosary of repentance every day.”

That is, obviously, the starting salvo of a period of penance and reparation for the pestilent mountain of sin currently being piled up by the leaders or soi-disant servants of the Church. Who would disagree with going into a solid period of penance! It worked for the Ninevites, it may as well work for us. Never in the history of the Church has Our God been offended so much by so many.

The road is now forking before us: take the “synodal way” and “accompany” the losers towards the valley of Sodom and Gomorrah, or take the way of righteous Lot and heed the counsel of the Angel of Akita. An angel that asks for repentance, penance, and prayer needs no other credentials to prove he comes from Heaven, from the Father of Light and Justice.

It was the anniversary of both the Miracle of the Sun and of the Messages of Akita when typhoon Hagibis hit Japan. “Coincidentally,” at the same time, a magnitude 5.3 earthquake shook Tokyo as the outrageous Pachamama ceremonies defiled Vatican City to an even higher degree of defilement, only a short distance from where the venerable bones of St. Peter rest awaiting the resurrection.

I agree with Father Richard Heilman:

I am planning to add very strict fasting to my daily rosary that will be prayed in reparation for all of the sins against the will of God in our times. Like Nineveh, I will do this for 40 days. I believe November 3rd, the day this message from Sr. Agnes of Akita went viral, is meant to be day 1 of 40 days … like Nineveh. Day 40, providentially, lands on December 12, the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. (Roman Catholic Man blog, About the October 6 Message to Sister Agnes Sasagawa of Akita)

This from The Camp of the Saints blog:

The people of Nineveh were warned by Jonah the prophet that unless they all repent that the Kingdom would be overthrown in 40 days. The King believed God and ordered the Kingdom to repent and by doing so they all saved themselves.
I do not believe we are going to be destroyed 40 days from Oct 6. But I do believe that 46 years after the miraculous apparitions, clearly of supernatural origin with a definite message, having awakened from its slumber is extraordinarily significant.
I want to note that on Oct 13, 7 days after the message was received, and on the anniversary of the Miracle of The Sun, Typhoon Hagibis hit Japan.
Events are moving fast now. This year – with the fire at Notre Dame on Holy Week, the open apostasy proclaimed in Rome, the invocation of a dragon spirit in the Holy Place – has been extraordinary.
And we are approaching the 7-year mark of Francis in a few months a period of time that has eschatological value that I suggest we all keep ourselves attuned to.

Connection to Our Lady of Guadalupe

I must also remind you that Christmas comes 13 days after the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. In this special occasion I have yet another reason to rejoice. I learned a lot while I was researching the material to write my book Guadalupe: A River of Light. The book narrates the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe from the days of the Apostles, when Our Lady was still living among us, until the early days of the 20th century when microscopic images were found in the eyes of Our Lady as depicted in the tilma of St. Juan Diego.

It is traditionally believed that the first image of Our Lady of Guadalupe was carved by St. Luke, who was a native of Syria. His name is connected to the word light. That image was present when the ancient Roman Empire fell. The image was later lost in Spain only to be miraculously found during the times of the Reconquest. That is when the Spaniards expelled the Moors from the peninsula and became a nation. Under the banner of Guadalupe, Spain soon became a great Christian empire, taking Christ to the far corners of the Earth. In that process, the Spaniards liberated Mexico from the cruel and oppressive Aztec Kingdom of the Triple Alliance. Our Lady of Guadalupe has been taking a well deserved break of five centuries. She is preparing for her great moment in history, when she will deliver the world from the present darkness, introducing a glorious age of light.

Let us pray as the campaign to conquer darkness advances. Let us look forward to the day when we receive Our Lord as He comes to take possession of his vineyard. When he will finally expel the usurpers, infiltrates, hypocrites, and cowards from our camp. Then we will extol Him singing:

Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus,
Dominus Deus Sabaoth.
Pleni sunt caeli et terra gloria tua.
Hosanna in excelsis Deo!