Carlos Caso-Rosendi

This article was previously published by The Lepanto Institute

In the beginning God [אֵ֥ת] created heaven, and earth. And the earth was void [וָבֹ֔הוּ formless, disordered, chaotic] and empty, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the spirit of God moved over the waters. (Genesis 1:1-5 Douay-Rheims)

We are in history. History is in motion. History is a river that we cannot stop or speed up. Sometimes those limitations upset those who are aware of the importance of living in this particular time in history and want to do something to improve the lot of mankind. Others find out ways to temporarily steer the vessel of mankind in a certain direction. Drunk with that apparent power, they forget the width and depth of the formidable current we are all riding on. Sooner or later their efforts meet an ignominious end.

William F. Buckley once said:

“A conservative is someone who stands athwart history, yelling Stop, at a time when no one is inclined to do so, or to have much patience with those who so urge it.” (Our Mission Statement,  National Review, November 19, 1955)

I understand Mr. Buckley perfectly but I don’t think he was opposing the flow of history. I would say he was opposed to those who intended to steer the human vessel away from the divine will acting in history. We know that tendency to be something called Progressivism, the most recent attempt by humans to forge a destiny of their own.

The tragedy of many Conservatives is their decoupling from the divine plan. One can’t deal with this age merely politically. To understand the reality we are living in, we have to look at history taking into account the divine will. To do so we have to understand the divine force moving the river of history. This article is a reflection on that topic.

*  *  *

God’s will always prevails in history. In fact, God’s will is the force that moves history towards its completion: “Let Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” The prayer repeated now for two millennia is not going unheard. That prayer is secretly surrendering the will of God’s flock to God’s will.

The primeval disorder and darkness described in the Genesis verse cited above, is turned into light and then into the order of Creation by God. We can observe that pattern repeat in history. God always turns disorder into order, evil into good. He is constantly surprising us with His next move.

In our time, men are trying to re-engineer even the natural order to their own will. Countless lives are ruined daily, many are destroyed by the forces unleashed by passing evil ideologies. Darkness and evil are present everywhere but this chaos is in reality the disorder that precedes God’s move to order the world to His will. Notice the Genesis scripture quoted above. Let me digress one bit to focus on a very important particle in that verse: אֵ֥ת that is Aleph- Tav which translated into New Testament Greek would be Alpha-Omega. At the end of the Christian Holy Scriptures we find Jesus using those same letters found in the beginning:

 I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end. (Revelation 22:13 Douay-Rheims)

The letters Aleph-Tav are there for no apparent reason forming the particle et. We know that is the signature of the Logos, the same Logos explained by St. John to the readers of his Gospel in John 1:1.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

He signs His Name at the beginning and the end of history. We know in advance not only that Logos will prevail in history, we also know how He will prevail over the ancient rebellion against Him and His just Creation. He has big plans that won’t fail.

The divine will is the force that moves history as a magnificent river. Think of the power behind His will, the same power that alighted the nuclear furnaces of millions upon millions of stars all across the universe. And now try to grasp this concept if you can: that unfathomable power is aware of you personally and wants you to be a part of his design.

That mighty river flows in only one direction from the sources of time at the beginning of creation to a point unknown in a very distant future when we will find Him and see Him as He is. He is the One that is, the One that really exists, the One whose will is never extinguished.

But we are far away from that culminating moment. Now we are heading towards one event that will change the world and put an end to the diabolical machine oppressing mankind. We are approaching the triumph of Logos and the end of an age in human history. We are seeing signs of that future event in our own days. One of them is the implosion of the media complex designed to distract and enslave the minds of the masses in an attempt to impede the arrival of a universal conscience, a worldwide awareness of Logos.

The political excesses happening everywhere had an unintended effect: to make many in the world aware that something unholy is taking place, something that reveals the work of evil minds. That awareness is like the light from God that precedes the rest of Creation in Genesis 1. In our age is a form of planetary consciousness that is emerging in spite of all the efforts of the omnipresent global media to block it. More and more people in the world are becoming aware of this. I will concentrate only on how the American people awakened to the fact that no one was governing with their benefit in mind. That is perhaps the main reason why a man like Donald Trump was elected to the U.S. Presidency.

We have a growing number of people who are disgusted with the chaos increasing in every aspect of life. Public awareness is the beginning of great changes in history.  People are now aware of the mess enveloping the world and they want something else. Now, what is the alternative to chaos? It is order. Because we have those three primeval elements at a time of crisis we can be sure that we are at the end of the age. Chaos is the unbearable disorder created by Progressivism. Light is the awareness of the people that a great abomination is taking place. Order is the return of divine reason descending from above and re-arranging creation, separating light and darkness by the power of Christ.


The increasingly irrational actions of the Liberal-Progressive compact only serve to awaken mankind to a return to order, to what is rational, to Logos. We are aware now –after five centuries– that Illuminism was a false light, based on faulty reason, resulting only in a form of evil darkness that is now enveloping the planet.

We seem to be about to enter a time of very destructive events, global pandemics, nuclear war, famines, widespread corruption of the rules of commerce and civil coexistence. With the eyes of faith we can peek over those days of distress and see the age of love promised by God and his saints long ago.

As we approach the final days of this human dis-order, the need for the divine order is more and more apparent. The tide is rising and soon it will reach us. God is on the move. Vain and irrational philosophies and ideologies have emerged only to be defeated by Logos in the final days of this mad global society.

In the next post we will look at the history of man from Eden to our days and see how God has been in control and preparing mankind for the big reunion with Him. For now, become conscious of this moment in history. We have a role to play. We must surrender our will to God’s will but we also have to ask God to instruct us and infuse our life with His will.

The choice is obvious: we must decide if we want to be an eternal horror or an eternal blessing. We cannot ask the river to stop and wait for us. We must decide now. There is no room for hesitation. Time is running out.