Carlos Caso-Rosendi

Yesterday at about  4:00 p.m. UK time, I had the rare pleasure of having a great chat with not one but three intelligent Catholic men. We chew the fat for about two hours, uniting England, Portugal, and Argentina thanks to the magic of Zoom.

I was treated to an excellent summary of the development of Modern Philosophy provided by Paul Priest, one of the participants. I am looking forward to revisit that part when the video is published. I invite you to subscribe to Laurence England’s YouTube channel, and enjoy those quite informative and very Catholic videos.  

You won’t hear indignant talking heads screaming hysterically or self-appointed knights in shiny armor wielding apocalyptic swords. What you will hear are three ordinary (or rather extraordinary) lay Catholic men who know the faith and share it with others. Since most of the pastors of the Catholic flock are either cowering under their beds or spewing thick Modernist nonsense, I for one was delighted to find this island of common sense. I hope the idea catches on and other smart Catholics around the world begin to imitate this group.