Earlier today, March 23, 2022, a friend pointed me to the article below. As of today I have never posted an article lifted from some other page except for a small number of collaborations received few and far between. I should have posted a half dozen articles since the beginning of the year but I find myself in a maelström of aggression directed at me from so many sources that –one must conclude– there is something supernatural about it. In dialog with Father confessor I heard: “Plentiful satanic attacks at the time of Lent are a sure sign of predestination” and suddenly I found predestination not that hot, really (put a smiley right here, ha!) at least at the temporal level.

So, in a shameless attempt to post something after a serious couple of months of writer’s block, I decided to invite you to read this very interesting piece by Nicholas LaBanca published in the Ascension Press Website. I hope the folks at Ascension Press don’t mind my introducing you to this short but thought provoking article.

God works in mysterious ways. Our Hebrew ancestors in the faith were avidly searching for patterns. The search was sometimes aided by divine inspiration, sometimes by sheer date and number crunching. Those who begin to notice “the habits of God” in history seem to enter into a special relationship with Him, a sort of “understanding”. I still remember the chill going up my spine when I read somewhere that both destructions of the Temple (Babylonians first in 586 B.C. and Romans in 70 A.D.) occurred in the same date: the 9th of Ab. In both occasions, the wall of Jerusalem was breached also in the same date the 17th of Tammuz! It was the 17th day of the second month that God closed the doors of the Ark of Noah and it began to rain. The number 17 is the sum of 10+7 two numbers historically associated with God’s justice in the material and spiritual realms respectively. Since we are talking about the number 17 … why not remembering that the miraculous catch of fish after the Resurrection collected 153 large fish. That number, noticed St. Augustine, is the sum of all the numbers from 1 to 17.

I could go on and on but you get the gist. Pay attention and you will find patterns all over the glorious revelations of Our Lord. When the patterns appear to be jumping at you, pray and give thanks. Someone in Heaven is waking you up to new realities to be discovered. It’s a blessing.

Many shall be chosen, and made pure, and shall be tried as by fire: and the wicked shall deal wickedly, and none of the wicked shall understand, but those having perspicuity shall understand. (Daniel 12:10)

For those of you who pray, please say a prayer for yours truly. I am in dire need of divine help in the midst of a wicked attack. God bless you.

Connections between the Annunciation, Creation, and Good Friday

by Nicholas LaBanca

Every Marian feast on the Church’s liturgical calendar has a direct link to Christ Jesus. For instance, the Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Assumption recognizes that she was assumed body and soul into heaven directly through her divine son’s power. But the Feast of the Annunciation heightens the Marian connections to the saving action of Christ, as those connections are undeniably clear and distinct in this feast.

Now when this blessed feast is celebrated, many people focus on the fiat, that yes, which our Blessed Mother gave to God. But Pope Francis in a homily a couple of years back reminds us of how truly earth-shaking this feast is:

“The passage from Luke’s Gospel [Luke 1:26-38] that we have heard tells us the decisive moment in history, the most revolutionary. It is a turbulent situation, everything changes, history turns upside down. It is difficult to preach about this passage. And when at Christmas or on the day of the Annunciation we profess the faith to say this mystery we kneel down. It is the moment that everything changes, everything, from the root.”

Indeed, history changed with this one moment. Not only did our Blessed Mother, the sole boast of our fallen human race, say yes to God at that instant, but our Lord Jesus was conceived in her womb. As we know scientifically that life begins at conception, we also celebrate on this day the Incarnation. It was here that God became man, and if you think about it, one could say in all fairness that our God was a tiny little zygote! He was tiny and vulnerable, he who created the entire universe, but condescended to enter into the same life cycle you and I have experienced out of his deep love for us and willingness to save us through his life, passion and death on the Cross.