Oh how true it is that to look at the Universe and not to recognize God, love Him and believe in Him, is true madness! All created things are like many veils which hide Him; and God comes to us as though veiled in each created thing, because man is incapable of seeing Him unveiled in his mortal flesh. The Love of God for us is so great that in order not to dazzle us with His Light, frighten us with His Power, make us feel ashamed in front of His Beauty, make us be annihilated before His Immensity, He veils Himself in the created things, so as to come and be with us in each created thing — even more, to make us swim in His very Life. My God, how much You loved us, and how much You do love us!

Our Lord Jesus to Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta
(June 3, 1925, Vol. 17)