Please forgive this hastily translated post presented here for your discernment. I received the content about an hour or two ago. Any necessary corrections of grammar and style will be completed tomorrow with fresh eyes. This is a private revelation and it is not ecclesiastically approved, the sources are honest and reliable as far as I can verify. I would like to hear your comments. The usual naysayers can read the previous post about Fr. Oliveira which contains several prophecies that were fulfilled recently before our very eyes. Those who want to reproduce the contents of this post please give credit to the source, do not remove the credit lines. Thank you!

Note of February 24, 2023

The Giant Wave

On the 6th of February, Fr. Oliveira was on the beach during a moment of rest. He was fishing, busy throwing a net into the sea while waves came and went.

At one point, he found himself looking at the water and, inexplicably, felt the intuition to run inland. He likes to fish and is familiar with the sea, so he found that bad feeling strange.

He stood still, with the net in his hand, trying to understand what was happening. The situation was similar to a panic attack, a feeling of terror without a cause. Then he had a vision: A huge wave was coming towards him. The priest turned his back on it and hurried towards the chair where his belongings were. When he looked down to the ground, he saw reflected in the water the image of the flag of the United States, which appeared to be submerged. Everything happened in a few seconds.

Then the phenomenon ended. There was no wave approaching, no flag on the ground. The priest sat in his chair and asked God: “Lord, why do you always show me things like this? I can’t understand what you want to tell me.” And he stayed there still. The bad feeling passed and the priest went back to fishing. He spent days discerning the event.

Whether the meaning of the revelation is literal or symbolic, if it is for the near or distant future, conditional or inevitable, none of that is clear, God did not want to reveal it. The divine language is broader than our imagination, so be patient because everything will become clearer only at the time He finds appropriate.

Revelations like this are given to us so that we are prepared for the time when a bad event confirms the prophecy. Even if such a situation frightens us in the future, we will remember that God is always in control and will always be with his children.

Let us pray for the United States and for Divine Mercy.

Source: Lucas Gelasio, Brazil via Instagram.

Mothers crying

On February 2nd, Father Oliveira woke up at 04:04 in the morning after a terrible nightmare. Here’s what he dreamed of:

In a large dark place, like an abandoned hangar, the priest was on a kind of stage. Before him was a crowd of women. All of them, dressed in the most varied ways, rich and poor, holding babies in their arms. All, without exception, cried compulsively.

He thought, “This is the Lord showing me the many abortions in the world.” Then a voice, which he couldn’t tell where it came from, said to him: “It’s not about abortions, despite the fact that abortion is a very big evil. The children here have been born.’

One of the women, who was close by looked at the priest with tears in her eyes.

He asked her: — “Why are you crying?”

Without saying anything, she just opened the small blanket that wrapped her son and showed him. The child was deformed. His feet and arms were crooked and his body shape was strange.

Other women began to show their children as well. All of them revealed some similar problem in their babies.

I do not even try to interpret this revelation. However, if you see something similar happen, remember the most important part: Our Lady of Tears and Baby Jesus will be with all these anguished mothers. Seeing that one of them was with an apparently perfect child, the priest asked:

“This one looks good. Why are you crying?”

She then said something that made him feel immense anguish: “He has something wrong inside…”

Suddenly, the priest saw the image of the Virgin Mary hovering above all the mothers. She had Baby Jesus in her arms and they were both crying. Their tears fell like a rain of light on these mothers. Then the dream ended.

Our Lord promised, in the Sermon on the Mount, that those who mourn will be blessed, for they will be comforted. All mothers who, moaning and crying, resort to God and His Mother of Mercy, will be united to Them and will be consoled by their Holy Tears.

Let us pray and fast so that we know how to live through the coming ordeal and that it be mitigated by our penances.

Source: Lucas Gelasio, Brazil via Instagram.

Kauã, the boy who spoke with Moses

(Matthew 21:14-16)

Kauã Felipe was born on February 2, 2007 in the countryside of Santa Catarina, in Southern Brazil. When he completed the first month of life, his mother had a dream: she saw him on a hospital stretcher as she was praying that Our Lady of Aparecida would save him.

Two weeks later, they discovered a problem with the baby’s heart. The mother then promised Our Lady that she would take him to the Sanctuary of Aparecida if he survived. The prayer was answered.

At the age of four or five, still unable to read, Kauã began to tell his mother about a baby found in the river. The name of the baby was Moses. The mother, who at the time knew little about Christianity, thought her son was just telling stories. In time, the boy explained to her, little by little, the entire biblical passage about the prophet.

He revealed to his mom that she was going to “the world of Moses” and there he was learning the history directly from his new friend. His mother heard him talking about God, the importance of saying the Hail Mary, and much more. On one occasion, she was told to do “ask for forgiveness” because the boy did not remember the correct word. The boy then explained to his mom it was “something she had done at the wedding” and needed to “apologize” to the priest.

She understood the request and went to Confession.

Around the age of seven, Kauã started talking about the final battle of good against evil and that “the end times are near”. He said that he will fight together with St. Michael to defend a shining place, and that God and the Enemy are each gathering their people. With horror, he commented that the soil would turn all purple as the battles progressed.

He taught that it is necessary to go to Confession, pray the Rosary, read the Bible and receive the Eucharist. When he spoke about God, everyone in the school stopped to listen.

In 2020, the boy was seen praying to spend more time with his family. About two months later, on May 16th, he was called to God. During the first month after his death, Kauã appeared daily in his younger brother’s dreams to play with him.

There are many more stories. His mother kept this treasure at Kauã’s request, during his short life, and now shares it with us. I invite everyone to pray for Kauã Felipe and his family. May little Kauã participate from Heaven in the great battle and defend us alongside St. Michael and his friend Moses!

Source: Lucas Gelasio, Brazil via Instagram.

Lucas Gelasio

A request for prayers

I ask for prayers for Father Oliveira and for me, Lucas Gelasio. These are three new revelations with amazing content.

We need discernment to talk about it in the way that most pleases God.

Lucas Gelasio, Brazil.