Today I am re-posting an article published on October 2020 about the great attack on the Church that started about the time Marxism was born during the second half of the 19th century. You can read that article by clicking HERE.

I was meditating on the Eucharist —during Holy Thursday, 2023— and I felt the impulse to revisit The Great Attack. During my meditation I found something that you may want to consider as well. I do not know how to call it but there is something about the shape of divine warnings that seems to be self-validating. The self-validation is not one thing but a complex set of apparently coincidental things that are NOT coincidental at all. They could not be because of their number and transcendence in time and space.

God seems to be writing on the canvas of Creation with dates, numbers, names, places, and a seemingly infinite number of elements hard for the human mind to apprehend. The landscape of prophecy acquires meaning in every age without losing its original precision and coherence. Perhaps one of the most astonishing qualities of divine prophecy is its particular projection on to the mind of the person meditating. This could be a property of the Communion of the Saints. The faithful are able to ‘receive’ the signification of a certain prophecy without contradiction while standing at different times in history  revealing different aspects of the prophetic puzzle and applying it in an ever expanding symphony of meaning.

Pope Leo XIII (13 in Roman numerals) reveals a dialog between Christ and the devil 33 years before the apparitions of Fatima. Said apparitions occur mainly on the 13th day of each month. One can make dozens of connection with the names of Francisco, Jacinta, and Lucia. Francisco and Jacinta share the same surname: Marto, a word that is also used to qualify a brave feline, or a specially fierce warrior. Lucia’s surname is Dos Santos, meaning ‘of the saints’ — a surname that suggests her to be divinely destined for sainthood. The name of the little town Fatima,  appears to connect the events to a Muslim girl who married a Christian prince and converted to Christianity during the Reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula. The favorite daughter of Mohammed carried that name as well.

The number of possible connections is huge. The mind can only orbit around that mystery and the astonishingly high number of coincidences that are there but still fail to coalesce into a definite meaningful shape for us. We cannot quite make the shape of it but we know there is something there. The phenomenon seems to invite us gently into the mind of God. As we meander we realize that God is in control with a fine tuning so exquisitely complex that we can only learn by faith. Our faith grows at a pace different and slower from our normal survival skills because it aims much higher.

During the first Triduum, Christ spoke mysteriously about many things we are seeing clearly now at the end of the age. We can see how the Church Christ left on Earth is bound to live the same sufferings that Christ experienced: treason, suffering, supernatural darkness, and the company of Our Mother in the darkest hour of our travails on Earth.

Together, you will help me examine all of that in future posts.


Mystical Mass Prayer

Eternal Father, we offer to you, through the Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart of Mary and The Just Heart of Joseph, in the Holy Spirit, the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, in union with each Mass celebrated today and every day until the end of time.

With Mother Mary, St. Joseph, each Angel and Saint in Heaven, each person in Purgatory, each person in the Body of Christ and the family of God, we offer each act of love, adoration, praise and worship. We offer each act of thanksgiving for blessings, graces and gifts received. We offer each act of reparation for sins that have been, are being and will be committed until the end of time. And we offer each act of intercessory prayer. We offer all of these prayers in union with Jesus, in each Mass celebrated throughout the world, throughout all time.

We prostrate ourselves before you, Triune God, like the Prodigal Son with our weaknesses, limitations and sinfulness, asking for Your mercy, forgiveness and acceptance. Like the Publican-tax-collector, we ask for mercy and forgiveness. Like the Paralytic, we ask for healing and strength. Like the Good Thief, we ask for salvation. And like Mary Magdalene, give us the gift of Your Unconditional Love of the Blessed Trinity as reflected in the Holy Family.

We consecrate ourselves and all of creation to You, O Triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Eternal Father, we ask You in the Name of Jesus, through the power of His Most Precious Blood, through His death on the Cross, through His Resurrection from the dead and Ascension into Heaven, to send forth the Holy Spirit upon all people.

Holy Spirit, give an outpouring of Your blessings, graces and gifts: upon those who do not believe, that they may believe; upon those who are doubtful or confused, that they may understand; upon those who are constantly living in a state of sin, that they may be converted; upon those who are lukewarm or indifferent, that they may be transformed; and upon those who are holy, that they may persevere.

We ask You to bless our Holy Father. Give him strength and health in body, mind, soul and spirit. Bless his ministry and make it fruitful. Protect him from his enemies and in his travels. Supply for all of his needs.

Bless each cardinal, bishop, priest, deacon, brother, sister and all aspiring to the religious life, especially…,and grant many the gift of a vocation to the priesthood and religious life. Bless all the married and single people. Bless each member of our families, relatives, friends, enemies and persecutors, especially…Bless the poor, the sick, the underprivileged, the dying and all of those in need… Bless those who have died and are in a state of purification, that they may be taken to Heaven…

We offer and consecrate ourselves and all of creation to you, Sacred Heart of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. We ask you Joseph and Mary to take us with all of our hopes and desires. Please offer them with Jesus in the Holy Spirit to our Heavenly Father, in union with each Mass offered throughout all time.

We consecrate ourselves to Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael and each Angel, especially our own Guardian Angel. We ask in the Name of Jesus, through our Mother Mary, Queen of all Angels that You, O Heavenly Father, send forth legions to ward off the attacks of the world, the flesh and the devil; Archangel Gabriel with his legions to teach us that we may know and do Your Will, and that they may help us to catechize and evangelize; Archangel Raphael with his legions to heal our roundedness, supply for our limitations, strengthen us in our weakness, to break all demonic depressions an bondage, to give us joy of the Spirit, to protect us in our travels and to supply for all of our needs.

Finally, we ask for the gift of Unconditional Love, that we can live the Family Life of the Blessed Trinity as reflected in the Holy Family at Nazareth thus bringing to fruition Jesus’ prayer for unity, and peace in justice throughout the world. Amen.