When Our Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Mount Carmel appeared to four innocent Spanish girls in Garabandal, she summoned Conchita Gonzalez (one of the visionaries) and asked her to tell the world that many in the priesthood and the hierarchy of the Church were doing the opposite of what they should be doing. Instead of saving souls they were leading them into perdition. We have talked about that many times.

By the time that warning was issued, the problems were hidden from the eyes of the unsuspecting faithful. Then came Vatican II and the “spirit of Vatican II” which was much more damaging than the Council. Soon the fruits of a sad and painful era began to appear. Those fruits strongly confirmed the words of Our Lady at Garabandal and all the predictions about a great apostasy uttered since the days of Christ.

Priests and lay faithful are being expelled, “cancelled” —sometimes by their own bishops— for the “sin” of orthodoxy. The corruption has reached the very head of the hierarchy and a fierce battle between the forces of good and evil is raging everywhere. The Church is living her Passion. The disciple is not greater than his Master. The Master was persecuted, defamed, suffered and died but he also resurrected. So, if you see the Church march on to a Calvary of her own, rejoice: her resurrection is near, at hand.

Christ in his tomb is the seed of Divinity planted to grow into a majestic tree. The seed contains a model of the future. The Church grew out of that Body. Now is our turn to go under the soil and wait for the call of God to wake up to glories yet unknown.

Christ Jesus is no longer a man walking the roads of Roman Palestine. He is now the glorious light that appeared to Saul of Tarsus and turned him into St. Paul. The Church is now dying on her own Calvary, surrounded by mockers, betrayed by those she fed from her own plate. She will soon be invested with that kind of power and dignity that Christ received after Golgotha. It may seem incredible to you but we have proof given to us in advance.

He is life and we are his.