It is time for another personal update. Friends are asking and it is easier to write a post to all of you instead of a myriad of emails. Talking about emails, I won’t be sending the usual note to warn you of every post. Times have changed.

On the national sport: steal & defraud

On the judicial litigation department: something strange is going on. My present legal counsel refused to ask the judge to close our one year long lawsuit. Here we do not have the right to a speedy trial and everything has to be ‘pushed’ to make the system work. My dear lawyer advises that the formula used in thousands upon thousands of filed motions is not adequate for us. We have to add some decorative words which sound suspiciously like indirect admissions of guilt on my part. Now the legal cause is simple: Plaintiff says “He did not pay” and Defendant says “Here is the proof of payment.” All things verified months ago, still there is no sentence. Not to mention that the very complaint is suspiciously fraudulent in appearance, a tool to deprive my sister  of her pension and the enjoyment of her property. My sister being a woman (like most sisters are) and also a person with a serious disability, makes the whole thing particularly odious a matter of lesa humanidad. That in plain English is an injury to the human condition. Something that one can appeal to higher international courts with the proper jurisdiction. There is also a strong smell of corruption and I am reasonably sure that my sister is not the only one taken to the cleaners by conniving members of the justice system.

There’s the rub! Apparently, our good Judge is not a fool that is going to throw his good job in the paper basket to save the behinds of a few small time crooks whose IQ matches their shoe size. Nope! May be the real reason for the delay, the real impediment to end this lawsuit with a simple sentence is that our good Judge has informed the AG’s office that a poor defenseless older lady is being betrayed by the very State officials in charge of guarding her legal rights and property.

So, I believe things are happening here that I can’t fathom but I trust the Judge will adhere to the honest truth and one day my good and honorable attorney will explain to me what is going on behind the scenes.

The country is sliding into anarchy

A long string of creeps that have governed this forsaken land for the last 100 years. With every new iteration of crooks, the country inaugurates a lower rung of the seemingly infinite ladder of decline. In former times, one would hear a reasonable thing or two lost among the barking of politicians. Now we seem to have achieved a certain uniformity: everyone spews the vilest idiocies non-stop. One only has to turn on the radio or TV to hear the insufferable stupidity of the political class.

It looks like the end of an era is coming. There will be evil. People talk of “hanging them all” and those are the reasonable ones. A friend involved in polling the public for an agency reports hearing insults for the most part. I am at peace with being here at this time. I hope I can help rebuilding once the barbarians destroy the place. The populace has understood that the oppressing caste is not going to go away after losing a mere election. Democracy has its limits and this vulgar version of such lofty idea has run long past its expiration date.

As usual, please pray for this foolish old man. Pray that God, His saints, and His angels protect me and the souls under my care.

Thank you for your prayers!