Carlos Caso-Rosendi

Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat

Our Mission


“For each one of you, as for the apostles, the encounter with the divine Teacher who calls you friends may be the beginning of an extraordinary venture: that of becoming apostles among your contemporaries to lead them to live their own experience of friendship with God, made Man, with God who has made himself my friend.” – Pope Benedict XVI

The mission of these websites is not different from the mission of any Christian Catholic. We present and defend the faith given to us by the faithful magisterial teaching of the Catholic Church. We seek to form and inform the reader with sound material useful to all. This multimedia effort is aimed at helping Christians to grow in the faith and learn to defend it.

In this collective effort our community does not forget those who have received the call of God and are considering to join the Catholic Church. We hope that the conversion stories, and the life example of the saints that lived through history impulse many to seek Christ and the Church that He founded. We are here to help.

In his encyclical Redemptoris Missio, St. John Paul II expressed perfectly the task that is placed before us:

“Peoples everywhere, open the doors to Christ! His Gospel in no way detracts from man’s freedom, from the respect that is owed to every culture and to whatever is good in each religion. By accepting Christ, you open yourselves to the definitive Word of God, to the One in whom God has made himself fully known and has shown us the path to himself.

The number of those who do not know Christ and do not belong to the Church is constantly on the increase. Indeed, since the end of the Council it has almost doubled. When we consider this immense portion of humanity which is loved by the Father and for whom he sent his Son, the urgency of the Church’s mission is obvious.”

God is constantly presenting mankind to us as ground where we can sow the eternal Gospel. The moment has come to commit all of our energies to an urgent worldwide evangelization.  The first duty of every Christian is to present Christ to all.

The urgency of this call cannot be ignored. All Christians today are asked to live and act like the Christians of the early centuries of the Church. It is our duty one more time to be the salt of the earth, to give life to this dying world through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Church in crisis is rapidly losing its ability to evangelize effectively. Our culture has lost the way and is teetering dangerously close to the abyss of extinction.

Our work must follow the perfect example of Our Blessed Mother who was the first glimmer of light shining in the dark night of a decaying ancient world.

We can’t waste any time.